so for those of you making your own decks
what are you using on the backs?
does the image have meaning toyou
or did you just think it looked cool or chose it for no reason at all



Backs demand equality!

Well, we are taking the backs of our deck as seriously as the "fronts". I really dislike backs that look like they were done as a quick afterthought. The back should fit with the whole concept, but it should also be a beautiful thing in its own right - after all, users spend a lot of time looking at the backs of the cards.

No more cheap "plaid" patterns - we should all get together and ban them!



lolol i completely agree


show me your backside!

Speaking of which, when I go and check out the decks people are creating on their own, I'm often surprised that we don't get to see the backs. C'mon you awesome artist types, let's see your back side!

Major Tom

Card backs are important and I spent quite a bit of time designing the back for Major Tom's Tarot.

Oddly enough, I've not put it up on my website...going to have to do something about that. ;)

In the meantime I'll attach it here:


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I think it's important that backs are reversible, for those who take special note of reversed cards when reading. I also think the backs should fit the deck, and be pretty, but not showy. It should be understated, more humble than the card fronts. Or something. I agree we should do away with plaid patterns. :)

Here is my backside: