Bad vibes?


Did you ever get the feeling that you didnt want to read for someone, like it would be bad and you didnt want to know? I have had this a few times lately with certain people. I didnt read for them, I got out of it. I dont do it for a living so it isnt anything but a hobby at this point. I just feel spooked like what is going to happen to those people?


I had this once with a neighbour of mine. She asked me to do two readings for her and a friend. i did her friend first and had one of those 'you can't hold me back now' readings where everything just fell into place. i went to read for my neighbour who wanted to know abot having anotherbaby and i started shaking. i thought it was just nerves because i sort of new here and was a bit worried about being judged so i tried to carry on. She shuffled the cards and i dealt them out but i couldnt even bear to look at the cards. I appologised profoundly and explained that it didnt feel right and i couldnt read for her.

I dont know if it was linked or not but a few months later we both fell pregnant and sadly she had a miscarriage after the first few months.

She is actually pregant again now with a few weeks left to go so thats great and it is also a little girl like she dreamed of.

Anyway dont know if it was intuition or nerves but i have definitely had that feeling and the best you can do is appologise and just explain that you dont feel comfortable. alternatively you could try and just focus on the good points if there is something asty in there bu then that isnt really honest or helpful to the querant.