Baroque Bohemian Cats Postcards


I received my set of postcards in the mail this morning, just as I was getting ready to leave for an exam! So of course I had to drop everything I was doing and open the package to see what the lovely people at baba studio had sent me!

Not only did I receive 6 gorgeous postcards printed on excellent quality card, I also got one of the panoramas that have been in such demand as a free extra! On the outside it has two gorgeous, large images of exquisitely dressed kitties enjoying the sunshine, and on the inside it's a fold-out three-panel panorama of beautiful architecture, Greco-Roman sculpture, and many elegantly dressed felines passing a pleasant Sunday afternoon in the garden square. Beautiful!

I've put the panorama up on my wall, surrounded by the six postcards featuring cards from the upcoming Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot deck. Every card has been crafted in exquisite detail, and it really feels like they're people just like us in a mirror world where magic, mischief, and mirth are the cornerstones of life.

I must say that putting up those cards was among the best interior decorating moves I've done so far. It's given my bedroom a feel of playfulness, joy, and a light sparkling of magic to boot :)

Wonderful! My greatest thanks to Karen, Alex, and Anna for bringing this little sparkling jewel into my home.

I can't wait for the big jewel, the real thing, to come along in ... July, was it? *pants*


i second you, hedgecub.

The cards and the panorama are beautiful. Karen and baba studio in general create so wonderful and original things! Having Karen with us here to tell about the creation process was fantastic. I miss her. I miss Diana too. Two huge assets, two great persons have left the AT building and that's a shame. Both used to be so generous and just honest, GOOD people, in the most noble way.

And both are huge cat lovers. Another reason to miss them...




Maybe if we mewl cutely enough, they'll come back ^_^

In the meantime, we'll just have to console ourselves by ogling the Bohemian Cats postcards. And the Chat du Marseilles deck. *drools gently*


I received mine today. They are wonderful. I may frame a couple of them and give them to cat-loving friends as gifts...



Cocobird55 said:
I received mine today. They are wonderful. I may frame a couple of them and give them to cat-loving friends as gifts...

I'm being tempted by the 'buy two sets get a deck free' offer they've got on pre-orders. I wonder if any of my friends love cats/tarot enough to appreciate a set as a gift. Then I can own two copies of the deck: read with one, frame the other :D