Be well informed before buying crystals and gemstones!

Laura Borealis

That is odd, about the Girasol! I will have to go to your link and read up! To be honest with you, I had never heard about Girasol before.

How I understand it is, there is true girasol which is an opal. Then there's girasol quartz, which is "opalescent" or milky with a sheen. I should have said girasol quartz up there, because I definitely don't have an opal sphere! :laugh:

But I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between milky rose star quartz and girasol quartz. Or if they are the same thing, and it's just called girasol quartz when it's very pale or colorless.

It seems that they call it girasol quartz to capitalize on the opal variety (and unscrupulous sellers may even call it opal - I just saw an Etsy listing where it was called an opal, but also called moon quartz - covering their bases I guess).


Thank you Padma. This is very useful information :thumbsup:
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