Be your own hero spread?


Hello, I'm sorry if this is short but I'm at work!
I did a reading for myself recently and got Strength, Emperor (as a lack), Empress, and 3 of swords.

I'm looking to become more of the Emperor. I read something about Cancers lacking the father principle and needing to learn how to become their own Heroes or Knights. I see that I'm wary of embodying more male energy because of how I associate it with aggression but looking at the King of Pentacles I see that this is not necessary the case.

Do you know any spreads that speak of this specifically? For female empowerment and reclaiming your yang or active assertive energy?

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I suppose this got lost in the flow or maybe no one has heard of one. I might need to create it myself. I did find this one though:

Ej the Exuberant Hermit said:
The middle “card” is actually the deck, which, when flipped over, reveals a potential or main theme of the story. [...]
The five cards in the left arch of the oval represent the “separation” or “departure,” usually from normal life and the reality they have come to know and love. Basically it is an unexpected turn of events that forces the character to cast off assumptions or connections, or perceptions.
The five cards at the bottom of the oval represent the “initiation” or the “descent into darkness,” which is where the character is both presented with a new reality and a path they may have to fight through in order to get to the other side in one piece. The long and arduous road through Act 2 teaches the character something valuable, something that they’ll have to use in the next part.
The last five cards represent the “return to reality,” or “reintegration,” which really ends up testing the mettle of whomever goes through this journey. This is do or die time, and if the character doesn’t make it through the return, they often end up worse than they were when they started, rather than better. Most stories with a happy ending generally have the character make it, but in tragedies… not so much.

I'm definitely going to try this out at some point and for this purpose it might be the best one I can find. Though I was hoping there was something more specific to what I'm seeking, talking to being a female or even trans* in the patriarchy (or male if it's a flexible enough spread that I could tweak it to apply to myself).

Something reminiscent of Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Running with Wolves (I've only gotten part-way before you ask haha).


Why don't you just ask what you need to do to for female empowerment and again for reclaiming your Yang? And perhaps last, where it would leave you?
3 cards each?
That's a 9 cards spread?


Something reminiscent of Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Running with Wolves (I've only gotten part-way before you ask haha).
Oh, I absolutely love that book. I have read it twice but it´s ages ago. It would be such a great idea to create a spread using ideas from that book. For Female Empowerment perhaps something that uses her "Wolf Rules for Life" as a starting point? I wonder if it would work?
Hmmm.. I need to find the book and find those rules first.