Becoming a "professional"


Hi guys.

yes, this little tarot newbie has big plans. I would someday like to become a professional reader (along with owning my own tarot/art gallery/new age/coffee shop.) I have only been studying tarot since April. ... I know I have a long road ahead of me! I'm wondering if anyone has any advice (other than practice, practice, practice.) Does any one know of any website or anything with advice on how to "break in" to this market? .... perhaps I should begin by "moonlighting" as an online reader? ... are there any "new agey" organizations that I should look into? ... etc. etc.

And any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance. :) Joya


Joya: It sounds wonderful! I especially like the combo of art gallery & Tarot.
There are these little pamphlets the Federal government has available free for a self-addressed, stamped envelope on all kinds of subjects. Sorry, I no longer have the list of booklets nor the addy, but I have located a phone number for the Federal Information Center 1-800-347-1991 which you could check on, such as starting your own business. Hopefully, you won't get stuck in a revolving menu (& no real person to speak to)!
Check your local public library for info on starting a small business. Some financial institutions also have such info & programs designed to give starting small businesses help.
Depending on what you are looking to focus on, moonlighting as an online reader is a way to get opportunities to master your skills & see what the market for such services is like.
Good fortune to you :)


Did you sign up for Joan Bunning's free course on Barnes and Noble?
The next lesson covers that!-Should be interesting.

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*ahem* { my 2 cents }

What does 'professional' mean? By dictionary definition, if you get paid, you are a professional. There is no comment or sidebar about ethics (discussed elsewhere), talent, proficiency, or accuracy. Only money.

so, joya250 - what are you setting as standards for considering yourself 'professional' ?