Beginnings of an Empress

Little Baron

I have started my Empress card for those of you that are interested. This is just the figure but I will add the notes, drawings and background tomorrow. Not sure at the moment, what I will use in the background.



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I think that this is a very creative take on the Empress and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your work!


Inevitably, as you proceed through the various cards, the costume changes and whatnot, you're going to find that you simply don't have enough mannequins. Here's my suggestion: in the Yellow Pages you're going to find someone in your city who repairs mannequins. They're going to have lots of spare parts. Make friends with that person and get them interested in your project, so that for some minimal cost or some sort of trade you can have access to all sort of mannequins in all sorts of poses. As I mentioned in some other post, I have a long history with department store mannequins, and I know that there's a huge variety there that most people aren't aware of. I have high hopes for this Tarot deck project!

Little Baron

Thank you Rota and Astraea

Yes, I have already thought about the lack of mannequins and trying to find more. i went on a search today but couldn't find anything. Very low on the money front at the moment. I do have torso's and in some cases, I may superimpose my own face and others on to them via the computer.

I don't know if you saw the Tall lady before; bald and in white. I was quite inpressed with her transformation. I think, if I am creative enough, I can change their images with spray paint, wigs and make up, which are all affordable to make the images a little more diverse. It adds a kind of interesting touch and challenge to the project; kind of Cindy Sherman-like. Also, since jack lives on my double bed (kind of freaky), I have run out of room for anymore 'bodies'. I also have dress dummies that I may use so I think this project is going to be about using some sort of creative licence, which appeals to me more.

I am so pleased that you both like it though; as I said, the challenge of finding different costumes and ways of changing them adds a new angle to it, and as a stylist, which is part of what i do, I think it would be apprreciated more.

Thanks for your confidence and comments.