benefits of astrology vs. tarot



I would like to hear peoples' opinions on how the benefits of astrology differ from that of tarot. When is one a better guidance vs. the other? I do not know a lot about astrology, but I notice many tarot readers use it, and many tarot books reference astrology. But the reverse does not always seem to be true. Many astrologists do not know tarot.

So does that mean tarot is not as accurate as astrology?


first off......there has been much discussion of this.if you look back to Nov. 13th, 2001 "Casting horoscopes" you will find a great conversation regarding this.


Both are accurate and a great forms of "looking within".

I couldn't say that one is better than the other. I think that if you knew the may be surprised to hear how many use the tarot.

Also, cards (esp. the major arcana) are directly linked with their astrological as tarotists.....we like to use many different sources of info to get a deeper and better answer to our questions and queries!

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GOOD Question!!!

For me, astrology in combination with Tarot, help with "timing questions" or questions that ask "when." For example, when the querent can re-examine this issue, ask again, start a new project, etc.

I find that combining astrology and Tarot gives a higher level of accuracy to the readings. But that is my experience of it... :)


I think that both *systems* can complement each other quite well, but then again, I´m not an astrologist. ;)


There is a sense in which Astrology can be described as looking at the Macrocosm in order to see the influences on the Microcosm: a chart, or sequence of (progressed) charts, look for these influences which one then seeks to interpret (As above, so it is below...)

With the Tarot, the procedure can, in a way, be described as opposite: one is entering and understanding the Macrososm through one's inner Microcosm (...and as below, so it is above).

In each case, what results is a deepened understanding of what is at hand.

With regards to correlations between the two 'systems', there are various views. I personally favour no definitive correlation!

But, for example, many, following the Golden Dawn via the Waite deck, have linked the Emperor (as an example from another thread) to Aries... Others, especially those who also seek a correspondence but who derive their correlation from Eliphas Levi, have linked the Hierophant with Aries!

This occurs because of different Qabalistic associations: whether Aleph is linked to the Magician or the Fool, and what follows as a result, given that each Hebrew letter has a Kabbalistic astrological association(s!) which dates back centuries.

Astrology and Tarot undoubtedly complement one another... though I also consider that each can be investigated and used totally independently of the other.


Very much enjoyed mulling over the question and reading the responses.

I think I am on the same page as jmd re: the relationships between micro and macrocosms.

Astrology is a map with a direction and a continuity independent of us. Its influence exists regardless of whether we're paying attention to the planets, their transits, and the effects to our natal charts.

The point of entry to tarot, however, can only begin when the individual picks up a deck and begins to work with it. We are the energy that gives tarot its voice.



The biggest difference I notice is timing and duration.

In astrology, one can be under a transit for a few years, as in a Pluto transit and/or a progressed planet aspecting a natal planet. It's easy to discern when a "trigger" will set off the transit (like an eclipse, Mars or Mercury transit, or progressed Moon aspect).

Tarot can give more immediate knowledge, but the reading wouldn't still be in effect two years from now.