best large or very large spread?


I recenty trimmed a standard thoth, so it's now more like a mini; I also have Golden Klimt mini and Rosetta in a tin, and would like to incorporate them for using large spreads, which cannot be done with standard or large sized cards.

Do you guys have any good suggestions? What are your favourite spreads with minis?


we had someone here for awhile who read the whole deck. Said it took her about 20 minutes. 3-5 cards does it for me, my brain doesn't run on enough cylinders any more :)

Rose Lalonde

This 8 card all purpose outcome spread has positions for the situation, solution, and three possible outcomes along with what conditions are needed for each to occur. I've read with it before and liked the way it's interactive, since you decide which outcome looks most productive.

(ETA - Sorry if 8 cards isn't actually large; I usually read 1 - 3, so 8 is a large spread by my standards. ;) If you added a position for challenges associated with each outcome, you'd have 11 cards.)


Here's a "very large spread." It's built around the 25-card text-based reading from the Voyager Tarot study material called the "Constellation of Magic," which I turned into a fully-realized spread. The original was aimed at relating the various aspects of the Magician card to specific psychological features of the seeker's life. I called mine the "Inner Magician" spread and focused on ways in which the "Magical Will" (aka "True Will") will manifest in the life through interaction with the four elemental expressions. I ran it for insights on Donald Trump and got some interesting results (which I'm not going to share since that subject is still an open sore). The little "knights" you see on some of the cards indicate that I borrowed the practice of "knighting" from Lenormand as a way to tie in all the peripheral cards to the central "Will" card that were not directly aligned by Elemental Dignity.


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