beyond christmas, formerly beyond tomorrow (possible spoilers if talk happens)


i highly reccomend those who are into mediumship, channeling to watch this classic from 1940 .

I just found it at walmart last week and watching it and found myself very touched. the premise is this.

three men who bring together a man and a women die, and they want to keep the man and women together, and follow them around with their comments and try to influence them.
the one ghost deals with his own dark side as well.
and i don't want to give away the ending.

just my favourite part over the movie was this comment.
"you mom wouldn't shut up" when heaven was talking to the one ghost.
that so would be my mom up there. lol.

i found this to be dated but timeless as well.
if you see it at walmart for 6.88 like i did,, it is a bargin.
in the years to come it will be equal to its a wonderful life, and it came upon a midnight clear to me.

Tansey Ella



I just finished watching it again

for the first time since I got here in my new one bedroom apartment and got my movies out of storage, I watched this movie again.

last year my nephew watched it with me and was amused at one part,
so this year as i live 3 hours from him and dont' get to see the nieces and nephews that much , it brought back that time and i was happy for that moment :).

this year even more then before I found myself analyzing the spirits messages and thought to myself how advanced it was for the 40s and wondered how this movie couldn't have been as popular as say the bishop wife or its a wonderful life.

if it was remade today,, it would be glorious , and I wish people could see it again.


oh, i love movies like this! will definately look for it when i head off to walmart monday. thanks holmes! :)


Me too! I'm going to dig in the bargain bin next time I go to Walmart. This is the kind of year for making Christmas traditions like that with the family because those things last forever, while other kinds of gifts given often don't last the year out.


this was actually one i watched again

this was one of the first ones i watched again.

it would be so awesome if it was remade again.
i like to think their spirit come and watch me watch it. even if they had reciarnated part of their multi dimensional self would come and watch it.


I watched encounters of the third kind, its very touching and it relates to what we are doing, it strikes a very big chord