big help needed...


to anyone
I'm writing a semestral paper and i've decided to write about the tarot and their images. can anyone help me gather informations? i'm looking for history, classifications, but most importantly, how the images contribute to facilitation of meanings. any help is of great value to me...thanks.


Ross G Caldwell

Hi freja,

I think you will find anything and everything you could possibly imagine at

There is so much there, it will be overwhelming.

Specifically for the images and their meanings, I recommend

in the menu under "Iconography".

It has pages dedicated to each card. My own essays are there on a few, but the fullest pages are by Bob O'Neill, at

There should be something there to get you going.



thank you so much


It's indeed overwhelming.
Thank you so much!!!



There is a lot on this site too, check out the table of contents here, at the top of this forum in History and read the threads on the 22 Arcana of the Marseille. You will find enough in Aeclectic to keep you busy for a long time.

Check out also the table of contents in the Using Tarot Cards Forum.