Blank cards?


I know there's some sets of blank cards out there, made so you can put your own pictures in them, but I've not been able to find them now that I'm actually interested. (goes to show...) Anyone know of any?



They're out there, it's just a little harder to find now, they were a lot more common in the past. I found one site:

The cost would be between $8 and $10 US dollars. If you don't mind using a smaller size deck, it's almost easier to get two decks of regular playing cards with the same back images on them & do your art on paper, pasting them to the front of the cards. You'll have a few extra cards, but that's good in case you screw up some of the others.



U.S. Games has a set of blank cards that are 2 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches. They have a diagonal plaid background, rounded corners and you get 80 cards in total.

ISBN 0-913866-22-9

In my old catalogue the US Games number is BL81--not sure if that's current still but you can check on their web site.


can these blank cards be printed onto from a standard computer printer?


I'm not sure. They're all loose & only 2" or so across the top. A lot of printers don't have rollers that can handle stiff card stock like this (and would probably make it curl if it did go through). I think they're made to be drawn on.


hi williehewes! :) been a while. anyway, they also sell blank cards on barnes and noble. here's the link:

although, what i did before, in one of my experiments at printing one of the cards i made, well, i bought blank index cards (3by5) then printed the image on one card and the back design on another. then i glued the tow together (since they're uniform in size, ya won't need to cut them to make all yer cards the same size). plus, this gives them thickness comparable to normal card stock.

good luck.



Hey Bluefusion, I know, I've been busy with other stuff... Thanks for the tip. I'll consider it.

I don't think you can print onto blank cards, but what I was thinking of hexy, is getting some sticky labels in the appropriate size, and printing onto them.

I've written words onto labels and stuck them onto normal playing cards to make a storytelling tool/oracle deck. It's pretty cool, but you can see the original print (hearts and stuff) through the label, which is pretty thin. So I'm looking for blank cards now.

Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll check it out...



One More

I forgot to say that there's another deck with 78 cards called the Inspiration Tarot by Patti Provo. It has blank centres flanked by a border, card titles and numbers, suit symbols, astrological signs, and Tree of Life correspondences. Might be somewhat limiting for that reason but good for collage, more of an "instant" set. Unfortunately, according to, it's out-of-print. You might be able to scrounge one up somewhere though.

ISBN 0-88079-524-7
Was IT78 in US Games catalogue
Here's a blurb on it, and according to this it can take different media over the lamination. They still seem to have some in stock.

Hey WillieHewes, that's a great idea to use a heavier label over the cardstock. I have no idea if the initial cards I mentioned are laminated, they don't specify here. None of the places that sell the first deck I mentioned specify about lamination.


That sounds cool, freesiaskye. It's not at all what I'm looking for, but it's interesting anyway. :) I wonder if many people used it...

If you're interested in the deck I'm working on, I'm offering readers on the non-tarot:divination board. It's just practice for me, but I hope there will be some response. I've only read for my own amusement so far, I'm interested how the deck works in a more serious situation.

btw: the deck is more or less fairy based, more like story based. To me it's the same thing. I can't explain this well. Just ask me a question and you'll see.

Willie :confused: