Blank decks in Sweden/Europe?


Shipping is expensive...

Does anyone know of a (preferably internetbased) place where I can get a blank deck in Sweden or atleast Europe?

There is the option of using cardstock, thicker paper and the like, but I like the thought of having an already prepared card that is more suited for shuffling and more durable than cardstock.

Also lamination makes for dull edges so I would prefer a card where one of a few layers of "fixative" would keep the image safe and the cards themselves having the "finished" feel as far as paper-preparation is concerned.


I think I would start by querying Carta Mundi - - since they do a major percentage of deck printing for the European market. They probably have a good idea who might have them and where.


Will do..

Thankyou for the tip Astra.
Will email them and see what they come up with. :eek:)

I also plan to get in touch with a few of the smaller shops that have webstores on the side to see if they can maybe order one for me if they don´t have it in stock...