Blank Decks


I recently came across some blank tarot decks to create on, with the intention of using Photomount products to stick designs on with, or, as one place suggested, mount each blank onto another piece of paper to put thru the printer - sounds like a 'major jam in the printer' alert there, lol.
Anyway, the only blank deck that seems to be about, has a really hideous design on the back, so my Q is: do any of you bright sparks know where i can get a blank tarot deck that is blank both sides?




this isn't a blank deck exactly but it's cheap and it'll do the trick--a set of blank index cards. there are decks that aren't any thicker plus if you like the work you can laminate them. there is a blank deck out there but i can't think of the name. i think it's OOP.


That sounds like a better idea, and then I can print both sides. :)




Mind blank

Hi Allibee,

I hope this helps...... but my mind has gone blank !I don't think this is the blank deck that truthsayer mentioned?? as I was thinking of another blank deck but can't remember too.:confused:

You can also use most papers/boards i.e Corona 305gsm

I'm not quite sure if your printer can hack it! It might be worth buying just one sheet of paper just to test it.

Good luck:)


flash cards...


one deck i drew up was on 4 x 6 cards. what i did was to write any notes about the image on one side of the card. after i had completed the note cards for all of the deck, i did the sketching on the other side.

you can transfer the image later if you want, but this keeps all your notes and the image together. i found this to be better for me than notes in a separate book.



US Games sells a blank deck out of their catalog and the otehr major deck out there is called the Inspiration Tarot. There is also an Inspiration Tarot book out there so that you can design your cards and create a reference boo there before you make the deck itself.