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I just bought "Discover Atlantis" by Diana Cooper and Shaaron Hutton. I'm loving it by the way! I already read "The Web of Light" so knew I would appreciate this.

One of the exercises talks about blessing water by putting it in a jug then writing "Love" or "Thank you" on paper and sticking it on the jug. Something to do with the water crystals (I saw an amazing thread about a website dealing with water crystals). I also read about blue glass being a good storage unit for the water. So today I went out to my local TK Maxx (I love that place!) And lo and behold there was a perfect blue glass jug for £7.99. I snatched it up straight away, hehe! I stuck "Love" and "Thank you" on the jug.

My question is regarding the water. Does it have to be pure water? Or can I put some fruit cordial in it? For instance, I usually drink Robinsons orange and pineapple, so I have put this in the jug of water. Will this affect the blessing in any way? Or will it have no affect. I also place a clear quartz crystal at the bottom of the jug, I think that's ok in water?

Thanks for the help :)


Water is a wonderful carrier of emotion and intention. Have you seen the work Dr Masaru Emoto? He's a Japanese scientist who photographs crystals forming in water that are influenced by how we talk, sing, or shout to water, or otherwise affect it. Crystals formed when we bless water are beautiful, whereas crystals formed when we yell at it are deformed!!! - he was the subject of that thread you mentioned.

Here's more about Emoto and his work:

It's absolutely beautiful!

As for the type of water - well, if you intend to use whatever you put in it, I'd have thought that cordial would make it sticky. It also affects the composition of the water. Personally I'd just use plain spring water.

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We did some work with water in circle some time ago, and we used ordinary tap water.

We had Crystal singing bowls in the class, and we put some water in the medium sized one then all "played" the bowl with the suede drum-stick.

After we had all had a go we tasted the water - it tasted like pure spring water. The composition had changed (something to do with the water crystals as mentioned above). It amazed me at the time. Water is a very important medium.

I think you can "bless" any type of water - as long as the intention is there, it should work.

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thanks for the information!

i'll try using plain water and see if i can taste a difference. i can't afford spring water, so plain old tap water will have to make do :)


This sounds very similar to the creation of Arshan (sacred water) though other liquids such as vodka, tea or milk are also common. Possibly (and I don't know enough about this) the liquid has an inherant quality which is enhanced by charging with energy??

Water has always been a deeply important for many different reasons and I find it to be an amazing dichotomy that one of the simplest and most abundant compounds we know is also the most vital, precious and transmutable.


Plain water sounds excellent. The holy water I get from church has a wee bit of salt added when it's blessed. (Just a touch, nothing you'd ever be able to taste.) That is a symbol of purification and a reference to a miracle by the prophet Elisha who made the water at Jericho decent that way. But it also links the water to the oceans and to the very complex water that we're mostly made of, full as it is of all sorts of things that transform it into the liquids of life.

Some traditions that are much into the four elements use salt as the ritual form of the element earth. In that case, salt in the water would just be confusing things, I imagine.