Blogging the deck design process - does anyone else do it?


LOL I too would like to see the cat's blog!

And wow, now I am going to feel self conscious knowing that you all are reading, yikes.

Well it is fun and maybe interesting to some and I figured since I was already creating the deck publicly, which has its own set of problems, I may as well say what the heck and document it too.

I do think that for good or bad people get to know and become familiar with the deck. Had I been keeping it private all this time for whatever reasons I wouldnt have had the chance to meet and talk to so many wonderful people, including you all right now! I would just be lurking in the shadows clutching my copyright papers LOL.

This is all so new, artistically, with the internet. Do you all feel like we are the first in a new era like I do? So much of this would have been impossible just 10 years ago, it's really amazing.



NOT cute, huh Baba? Then the way is clear for me to consider ..... Hmmmmmm.

(Maybe just kidding, but I do admit to taking out 3 books on Egyptian tomb art this week, and went through my copies of cat oriented mail art--).


Hi Marie!

I agree with you, that what happens here is quite incredible...It's a momentum in the turning of culture!
Personally, the amazing thing is, that nearly through out the work on my deck, I had NONE to share it wit, besides design oriented people.... No tarot people around me at all... I'm considered a "freak"!
I wonder somehow, whether I would have done anything different if I had the forum's influence/support...
But in a way it feels perfect to me---I did the stuff from within, and now I get the "ok"...never too late...

I also read some of your diary and I like it...
the way you explain about the symbols... you could have a book easily done from all this...
I think it was really good, nice language and shows how your work is thoughtful and deep...
Maybe here lies the secret of blogging!

The above just gave me an idea for a thread about what people think of "us"...
and the path we took to get here...
I all the time have to explain to friends that spiritual people are the most grounded... They (some) don't believe me... :)

Major Tom

I have to admit I don't like the word 'blog'. :laugh: I also have to admit I've done very little documentation on my deck as I've gone along, but having read your comments, I can see definite benefits. :)

There's something happening on the Using Tarot Cards board that could be of definite interest to people creating tarot decks in this thread. Now completing a card a week sounds like a heavy schedule to me, but I think I can a least get notes and sketches that can be shared. ;)

Marie - Yes, we are the first in a new era. :D

What do you think? Anyone fancy joining in?


blog log

Originally posted by Major Tom
I have to admit I don't like the word 'blog'. :laugh: I also have to admit I've done very little documentation on my deck as I've gone along, but having read your comments, I can see definite benefits. :)

I'm not to keen myself :laugh:

Yes I was just looking back a while ago. Then it all changed, as if by magic.
I changed my mind half way through my deck. However I felt that my first ideas was good but full of madness. I just laugh, especially when I was working on the swords.

I think it's a good way to see progress and to work through mental blocks....


Major Tom said:
I have to admit I don't like the word 'blog'. :laugh:
Maybe the term should be CLOG..... computer log.... or Cournal..... computer journal (Kernal??)

The problem with the term "blog", as i see it, is that it tends to sound nonsensical or inconsequential.... a 'blob' of writing or a clog in a literary attempt.... certainly not meaningful..... like sneezing.... something that won't last.......


My own memories of blog go back to MNStf - the Minneapolis SF organization. Back in the '70s they used to serve a really killer blue punch, over dried ice, and that was the name for it. When I first heard blog in reference to journal keeping, I had a sense of total unreality....


Ahh...smurf juice, blue stuff, whatever the name, it was probably 150 proof! I remember that stuff too, though I went to the MN cons in the mid-late 1980's! Yeay Radisson Hotel! The cabana suites! The drumming & whirlpool!


baba-prague said:
Inspired by several blogs that friends have (including those of one or two people here :) ) I have started a blog to record the experience of designing our new deck.
Actually it has become a bit of a ramble about all sorts of things - but I think that in a way that's right - the deck does come out of the whole experience of working here after all.

I don't want to give the URL as it IS a bit too rambly as yet to share, but what I would love to know is if you are aware of anyone else who is blogging or has blogged the design process of a deck. I feel I want to see what others have done. I need to build up a bit of confidence before going public!

Hi everyone -- I guess I'm reviving this thread because I've recently become quite energized by journaling about the deck creation process. I'm finding that daily journaling is helping me keep the creative fires blazing. The blog (journal) has expanded to include all kinds of things, not just the design process, although I expect to be writing even more about that.

I've been reading Julia Cameron's new book "The Sound of Paper" (she wrote the fabled Artist's Way book) and am quite inspired by it. I need to stay on track with my creative life and not allow myself to get pulled aside by everything else that's going on, and that's what this book is about. The journaling is a tool that stokes the fires of creativity. Publishing it as a blog is an extra added incentive to be consistent.

Anyway my new blog is found here:

Marie, I'm still enjoying reading your blog!

Baba, I'm wondering how you are doing with yours and if you will be posting the link to it? Inquiring minds want to know! :)



Hi Joanna,

Sorry for such a late reply to your question. I had a look at your journal and very much enjoyed it.

However, our cat had kittens yesterday at dawn. I was woken by her giving birth to the first one on the bed beside me - she was a bit bewildered to begin with and needed the contact and reassurance) so this weekend has been largely taken up with catching up on sleep and kitten gazing!

I do keep my journal now, though it's very different from yours. I'm afraid mine is not nearly so lyrical or so focused on the deck. It's become very much about my thoughts on living here (so relates at many points as much to Tarot of Prague as to the new deck), on art and design, on reactions to events, books, and things I've seen. This is a nice way of saying it rambles and rants at points! Though it's also, I think, a real record for me of this period of intense work and thinking that we're going through.

but... you've been warned!

I'll continue to follow your journal with interest and pleasure.