Blogging the deck design process - does anyone else do it?

Red Emma


Blog/blogging are words, new to me, that I've come across lately with some frequency.

Will some kind soul please tell me what they mean?


Red Emma, blog is short for weB Log, or an online journal. They can be private if the person who owns it so desires, or they can be public, open to commentary by everybody or a select few friends, depending upon how it is set up. There are arts blogs, political blogs, news blogs, and what have you. If you scroll up in this thread you'll see some links to blogs from people here at Aeclectic. You can set up a blog for free at various sites, or pay a small charge for advanced features.


Red Emma


Thanks, Corsair

Now I can be as cool as the cat's pajamas.

(The cat's pajamas was a phrase of the twenties -- my parents' generation -- which meant cool, far out, and all that sort of thing.)


now look

Now look what's happeened I used to blog stories cuse I am among other things a fiction writer . Im thinking of creating a fairytale deck based on well classic themes and a few images from my own stories. and now I'll end up seraching all my stories for useable image ideas and maybe have to crate more then one deck thanks guys


Re: journals

baba-prague said:
Hi Joanna,

Sorry for such a late reply to your question. I had a look at your journal and very much enjoyed it.

..... it's also, I think, a real record for me of this period of intense work and thinking that we're going through.

but... you've been warned!

I'll continue to follow your journal with interest and pleasure.

Thank you and congratulations on your new kittens! My turn to apologize for such a late reply. I've been reading your journal and enjoying it very much -- although with my exceedingly slow dialup account (I'm on a rural island with no broadband) I can't always access all your images. I have to say your High Priestess is my favorite one so far in the new deck, although I really like the 8 of Pents too. I also love to read about your life in Prague -- I don't know much about the city but your journal makes me want to viist. Very poignant entry about the attic room. Thank you!

Bright blessings,