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Sharing our spiritual journey through blogging can be helpful not only to ourselves, but to those who may be on a parallel path. Or even on a different path alltogether!

The forum guidelines do not allow for members to post threads about their blogs, however, it is allowable to mention them once in a while.

This thread is for you to post a brief description of your blog as well as a link. There will be no conversation in the thread and any posts of that nature will be removed without notice.

The two most important guidelines to be followed are:

1. NO commercial blogs or storefronts. This is a sharing and learning forum, if you want to advertise, there is a whole forum for advertising your goods and services. Any links to commercial blogs/storefronts or to blogs that are selling readings or services will be removed without notice.

2. This must be primarily a SPIRITUALITY based Blog. Not a reading journal, nor a tarot blog, nor an oracle blog. Nothing about divination. I know that is cutting it pretty fine, but there is an index somewhere else of those kinds of blogs. Yes, readings happen - and that's okay. But what is not okay is a blog that is readings with an occasional mention of spirituality.

I will also maintain an index so people can find the link quickly.

Thank you - any questions, please PM me and do NOT post them to the thread.



If anyone is interested in learning about the Buddhist practice of lojong, I would like to invite you to my lojong blog:
Lojong is basically a way to train your mind - to keep your heart and mind open while not allowing your emotions and habitual patterns to run your life. There are 59 slogans in the practice, and I'll talk about one each week. Hope you'll stop by! :)


My Blog "Shamanic Drum"
Describes my work as a shaman, visions, struggggles and teachings received by Elders and Spirits alike.
There are also "how to's" about creating spiritual tools, work with students and clients and a "Ask me a question " page for my readers :)


My blog is Pagan Writes, which is about - you guessed it - Paganism, particularly from a Wiccan perspective.


My blog, Iaconagraphy, which is about spirituality from the perspective of deep ecumenism, as seen through the eyes of an artist, writer, and Professional Tarot Reader:

This blog DOES also lead to my services, but I attempt to keep the focus of actual blog posts as much as possible on spirituality and the spiritual as it relates to living everyday life.



Hey all

This is my pagan spiritual blog Here i post a lot of stuff relating to pagan practice. I'll also post weekly energy readings, goddess readings etc which I'll hopefully be posting on youtube all being well i'll start that in the new year..


blogs that have links/pages for the $$ side of life will get this thread moved to adverts forum