Blue Moon Ritual - You are invited!

Pandora MoonRaven

This Friday is the Blue Moon. We won't have another until 2015 and this is a great opportunity for strong magic/energy towards healing, manifesting and second chances. I have an outdoor screened in porch that gets the moonlight with a large glass/wrought iron table..perfect place for FIRE! I am going to set up a large altar with prayer candles, crystals and such. I have 100's of tea lights and would love to see this turn into a huge energy vortex. I already have about 30 people participating. Basically all you need to do if you want to be part of it is tell me your name and your intention and/or what you want to bring to you in this moon.
Today and tomorrow I will writing out petitions with names on them. On the full moon I will light up the altar first. Then I will give an individual prayer for each petition, set a tea light on it and light it. When all is burned out I will gather up the petitions (all written with pencil on brown paper) and will bury them next to the stream we have that passes on our property. This will give all our desires back to the Earth and Mother.
These prayers are given to the universal power. I am universal clergy. There will be element candles, animal totems including Wolf who is a power protector, Buffalo who helps remove obstacles and plot a steady course forward, and Frog who is powerful shaman and healing. Along with saint candles.
So please respond ASAP. I will stop writing petitions around noon on Friday (EST) to prepare.
I will be posting pictures of the Altar as well so you can all see the beautiful energies being created!


I'd like to take part too, especially for this particular blue moon as it falls very favorably on my natal chart, particularly my own moon.
I'm not sure where to write though. Do you mean here in this topic or via PM?

Thanks for this chance Pandora! :)

Pandora MoonRaven

If you are comfortable writing it here that is great or in my PM is fine too. You can write any intention. Some examples I have from others:

Successful school year
A job that makes me happy
Happiness in love
protecting all the children and babies
thank you to the universe for my blessings
good health and energy

These are just a few examples. :eek:) No right or wrong here!


OK, my petition then is:

Good health for my family and me, and a door out of the cage I feel myself trapped in.

Pandora MoonRaven

You got it. Please PM me or leave me your actual name so I can send the prayer and petition. :eek:) Thank you!


Thank you! I'll PM you my name in a minute. :)

Pandora MoonRaven

Got it! I am up to 40 petitions. Just to reiterate this is not something that requires a purchase or you to be in person. All I need is name, desire and I will add it to the altar. Just good will and desire to build us some beautiful blue moon energy.


What a beautiful offer, thank you :) My name actually is Dawn, so no worries there ;)

I would like to ask for my inner Fire to be kindled, and for the Earth in me to be a foundation rather than a burden (Sun is Aries, Moon is Virgo, I'm sure you'll see what I mean ;)).

Love and blessings


Such a kind gesture for you to open up your ceremony to others!:heart: I'll send you a PM.

Pandora MoonRaven

Got them thank you!