Book and website recommendations for crystal information?


Have you come across any websites or books that will make a good resource book for crystals and gemstones? I'm hoping for rich and vivid descriptions, preferably with some elements of storytelling. But really anything you think is good, send it my way! I would love to check it out. :)


Love Is In The Earth by Melody and The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian are standards as far as books on crystal healing. I also recommend Healing Crystals For You as a web resource


I love more the Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic
I love more the Cunningham Book


Any of Judith Hall's Crystal Bibles and Cassandra Eason's The Crystal Bible... Mainly juicy colour pics and details re uses, etc more than stories... but good... Melody's Love is in the Earth goes into more detail re metaphysical, but the old version of hers didn't have pics, and the new hardcopy that cost a lot of money has unattractive pics - my daughter bought it for me and I have to pretend to love it because the images look tacky! :( Sigh... The original was a good image free general reader.

tarotlova & Crystal Vault the latter has all the Metaphysical meanings :)


Thanks guys! Sorry I disappeared for a few days. Got caught up with work and family stuff. I will check out those resources!! Gonna pay the local bookstore a visit to see if there are any copies I can flip through. :p


I wish there were a great crystal forum. There's this one under tarot and then another one under spiritual interests in general which seems a bit out there... I wish there were just a lil' cute old style forum for crystals crystals and more crystals. ;) So far this seems to be the best one but there might be something more out there I don't know about (please inform if so)!


I also love the Cunningham Encyclopedia (any of his books, really) it compiles some really great folklore. There's also a section in the beginning about how to make your own major arcana with stones. And The Crystal Bible is also great, it's a little bit more about health and holistic healing as well as folklore.