book excercises revisited


I first got my faery deck in Febuary earlier this year. I've had quite the adventure exploring them, and them taking me to new paths as well as new levels, for that i am greatful. But now has come a time that I redo the excercises, as I think it a good idea to redo the favorite, least favorite, and universal message once every 6 months, hence the name of this thread. So, on with the "reading" excercise.

1. Favorite card - Himself
For me as of lately, i've been diving more deeper into wicca, and all this time, (2 yrs since i've been initiated, but longer as far as studying wicca) I've been trying to shed my conformist upbringing in the idea of the "christian" God. (Please note here that there is NOTHING wrong with Christianity, or Their God, but it's not "my" path). Now that I feel that I have been able to shed this religious past, I've been searching for my wicca God. Lately I've been trying to look more into the myth of faery (the 5 invasions of Ireland, and go from there) to seek out faery lore and seek my personal inner truths. I don't know much (yet) about this history that I'm researching, but I want to study the history and then find a way to incorporate faery with wicca (with substantial history, and legendary myths mixed with inner truths and personal experience). From this (we'll see where this leads me first but this is the idea) I'll be writing a book of shadows in my progress in study and meditation, rituals, and spell work that involve faery and mixing closely together faery and wicca, then providing this book of shadows for the public by getting it published. At least this is the path i'm thinking of. (THis all comes into play here in this reading). My first step (for me) is defining my God (and for the time being until i'm more educated). So far, Pan sticks out loud and clear. For the first time, (i never associated the two together before, but it makes so much sense now, and deeper meanings/philosophies to Himself) I saw Himself as Pan, the horned God. And boy is he cute, deep, passionate, and wild. I can see him dancing in the forest with glitter about in the air, and when it hits his skin along with the fires, and the dance, somehow, it ignites his skin into a golden flame, and being enraptured by the intensity of the passion inside the dance, weaving closely around you, and before you know it, wether you choose to dance with him, or watch, regardless, it doesn't matter, you're now inside the faery ring, the realm of which nothing is matter, and matter means nothing. No logic exists, only purity of energy. This is the essence of the God, fertility, passion, wisdom, and in the end, he will take your life, and become the God of the Underworld. Here he will comfort grief, but show no mercy in taking life. Here you will learn deeper, darker truths that scare you, but soon, he will lift you up into earth again, to relive the fire dance, and when you come back, this time, you will join him, for now you have reason to dance with passion, and now you are so connected with such a world that you breathe it with every once that you are. Yes, this is the essence of Pan, of Himself, of the Faery wicca God.

2. Least FAvorite card ~ The dark lady
I had to read the book in order to get an outside look on this card. To me, she's always represented a venomous female energy, someone that is so purely negative or bad, that you should run, run from her, end the friendship, what have you, before she strikes you with her poison.
After reading what the book had to say, i associate her with the High Priestess in regular tarot. I should've put two and two together before, but never did. She is the essence of femine energy unknown, the deep waters that allure, hypnotize, relax and divide. She is the essence of the night mysterious the mother moon, when all other lights are gone, she is the only remaining light left. She is the light the hermit holds in order to seek the deeper inner truths of himself. The essence of female mystery, of the unkown, everything that isn't explainable, or exsists out of matter. With what I've learned in wicca, there is the Goddess, and the God. During the winter months, the God has died (transformed) and the Goddess rules, but her ruling is done in sorrow. In the faerie oracle, it seems as though they split up the energies of the Goddess into two. The Dark Lady would be the Goddess during the winter, and the Bright Mother would be the Goddess during the spring and summer. That to which is unknown, the abyss of spirituality, to me is scary, and always had an "evil" feeling or essence to it. Sort of like, sharing ghost stories in the night, or watching a horror movie that truly does scare you. That is the feeling for me from the dark lady. Then again, I have yet to been able to "define" who my personal faery Goddess is, and I believe in order to find her, and the balance between my dieties, I will have to work through the essence of the Goddess (feminine mystery) before she will appear.

3. Universal message ~ She of the Crauch
I'm pregnated with such new ideas, and a new journey in life (the fae, or as Octopus would say, the Sidhe) and taking it to levels that I never dreamed before, or imagined. They've opened my eyes to inner truths about myself i didn't know exisisted, but all that much more better of a person now b/c of it. Now, i'm extending that out, and learning more about the history, and lore so I can incorporate the energy of the fae into a much more personalized level, matching my spirituality (finally) with what I feel is my personal inner truth.

If any of you find other meanings in this reading, please by all means share, I would love to hear other input into this.

All here is sacred in the faery ring!


Concerning your reference of Himself to Pan, I think this is more than possible. ;) This is where I see the reason for calling the card "Himself" instead of any particular name. As far as I was told, the Sidhe became gods in some other cultures, besides Celtic. To me, this makes sense not only dealing with Wicca, but with Slavic gods. Although I do not claim this statement to be the final truth ;), I must admit that it gave me quite a different, more wide-ranged look at the world, putting puzzle pieces together. Personally, I see Cernunos (Cern) in Himself. He is the Patron of our Clann, so I 'smell' him through the card quite well. Well, that's all personal, of course. :)

One phrase that you used draw my attention: "Here he will comfort grief, but show no mercy in taking life." Generally I tend to agree. And I feel like I should add something. So here it is, hehe. Himself has a shamanic aspect too, as I see him. And this aspect explains your thesis about showing no mercy in taking life. Life is the one of the eternal Spirit, rather than a mortal body. So, a body is of no value, just get another one in your next life. *lol* Thus, taking life by Himself is no big deal at all. I think that this is a basic Sidhe attitude. And, finally, I must say that the Sidhe are wise (so they don't play with taking human lifes). At least, that is what I learned from my exprience. :)

The Dark Lady. Well, to me she is the dark aspect of all. Still, she is more than an aspect of something. She is one of Tuatha de Dannann. I see what you mean when saying about the Dark Lady has to deal more with winter and the Bright Mother - with spring and summer. Although I, following your logics, would hand summer to the Faery Who Was Kissed by Pixies and autumn - to the Lady of the Harvest (obviously!). :)

The Dark Lady, to me, is the Keeper of my shadows. She tends to reflect in her eyes my deepest fears and horrors. (I like your analogy with watching horror movies :)). It is not Her I see, but myself. I am afraid to unite with my shadow, that is why I become nervous and fearful when she turns up in reading or during pathworking. (But I don't claim it to be the reason why you are uneasy with her). As far as I've been told the Dark Lady was above the Abyss*. So, basically, it means that she saw the eyes of Death, in human terms. (Could you imagine looking in eyes of the Death (Card 53)??). So, if you ever met a human who lived through a near-death experience you (probably) know what I'm trying to say. The Dark Lady looks at things a little (well, a lot) different. She sees the core, the substance, the real value. She is the one whose speciality is to extract our knowledge from within us. It's funny that I say all of these, and the next time she shows up in reading, I get scared. I accepted her the way she is, but I still cannot face some of my deepest fears. That's the reason for my fear. :-/

[* I am not sure if this term is used in English. In Russian we use it to signify the "place" (point, nothingness) where spirits of Sidhe end their being (where spirits of Sidhe go when they die). It is not the place where human spirits go, but I will stick to the term 'Death' when talking about it.]

I tend to agree with the Dark Lady - the High Priestess correspondence. It's good that you gave a regular reference, because in the Celtic Tarot (Lo Scarabeo production) I use, the High Priestess is associated with Brigit, and the Empress is Morrigan. So, I'd put my vote for the Empress (in my deck), whose image is closer to the image of the Dark Lady. (Well, honestly, for me the Dark Lady IS Morrigan). But, generally, yes, it's the High Priestess for me. :)

Well, that was my personal opinion.

As you progress with faery wicca, please, do not hesitate to share your thoughts concerning the faeries oracle. For me (as not wiccan) it will be interesting and, perhaps, useful to see what you put into a card. I think that looking at the faeries oracle from different perspectives can be very enriching for all of us as we are in the process of eternal learning (I hope). :)
And, Sagitarian, thank you for your post - I truly enjoyed it! :)
After I wrote this (but before submitting), I held a faery-style reading, where the Dark Lady gave me some corrections to my understanding. I find it appropriate to add them here. The Dark Lady DOESN'T REFLECT our fears. She simply brings them from the depths to the surface so they become obvious to us. Reflecting is a G.Hobyah's job, not hers. :)


Octopus, a genius as usual! I love hearing your interpretations of this glorious cluster of faeries, yet they resemble and reflect all that is fae.

And I agree completely about Himself being shamanistic. I was trying in more words (more exhausting lol) to describe that characteristic about him, the shaman in him, the dance, the wild fire reflected in his wild hair, how he seems to be made up of the earth and fire itself, among other things. This is what i long to get back in touch with, what i long to feeeeeeel in my spirituality, and i'm getting closer.

I can relate to your understanding of the dark lady, indeed she does bring to the surface that which we didn't know we were hiding in ourselves, and that same "stuff" (it's a techincal term you know) is what makes us SQUIRM in our seats. I agree that Hobyash is the one that reflects (tazmanian devil, scary appearance, but once you get to know him, he's not that bad), the dark lady is the one that brings up the fear inside of yourself. At the same time, i still see her as the essence of the mysterious feminine energy, and all that is associated with such. But now i'm rambling.

On a completely different note (something I noted in my journal of the fae's), I wanted to retell a tale of a reading i did. it was my first reading I had done with this deck, and the question being what kind of relationship will we have together/what will we learn together?

1. Unity ~ I see this as the male and female coming together, but it's a symbolism of balance and harmony between polarities, or opposites. Matter balancing itself with spirituality, and the spirits balancing themselves with the humanistic world.

2. She of the Crauch ~ Impregnation, symbolism of a new path in life, a significant change in your life taking place where it will or at least can change you. This change is welcomed and sometimes sought after like a two people seeking to have a child and to expand their family and enrich their lives. It doesn't go without it's work (as a woman who reaches her later state or pregnancy is in a constant state of pain, pressure, uncomfortableness, and then comes labor, ouch!) But as soon as she can hold the child, everything the child has "done" so far to cause the pain and discomfort is forgiven so easily, and immidiately an unconditional higher love that doesn't seem like it even comes from "here".

3. The Maiden ~ The child, the end product of the unionship and the pregnancy. Innocence that you have to guide in order for it to progress and grow. I believe this is a symbolism of spirituality becoming tangible in some sense, that it will manifest itself, and at the same time, this manifestation will be in some way, my "baby", or my life work. It will only grow as long as I continue to put the effort towards it to "mother" it.

Any other interpretations (especially with the maiden) would be very helpful.

Now that I look back, I see that unity was us coming together, and me coming to terms and understanding the fae at least at some level to know that I want to further myself with the fae. She of the crauch being the discovery of my spirituality with the fae, mixing faery with wicca and going down a new path. The maiden, I don't quite understand "what" she will be yet, but I know she's there and in a sense i'll be giving "birth" to her in some aspect.

Just wanted to share.
All here is sacred inside the faery ring.

Wisp Wings

Hello Sagitarian

Just read your last replied post to this thread. Sag, I couldn't help but to see and believe that it is already known regarding your first reading ever as to what the Maiden is referring to in this process. Hun, I see this as being you. You are this product. This is your birth into the new learning and your developements as you grow along into it.

Just my thought on this.

Wisp Wings

LOL, I just saw the end of your post, your signature above my post (where once you post, it goes to the post itself).... any how... how much more does this say "The Maiden" in her young wanting to know how all works and have her hands in all and needing a controling adult (teacher), than your signature statement? I am copying it here for all:

"The only thing I truly know in this life is myself, and even that confuses me. It's natural to find so many things quisitive when you think of the reality of what you truly know and realize you don't know anything."

Sweet inquistive child of growing and learning. All of life is a process.


Ya know...smiles...wisp wings, my signature statement is very maidenish. Never thought about the two relating together. Very interesting.

I think the maiden has partly to do with me, but it's also a representation of some thing I manifest in unionship with the faeries. Perhaps i'm getting ahead of myself with my desire of what I want to accomplish, but in all honesty, I see this as being my book of shadows that I publish, a manifestation of that which is faery and wicca inside of myself (the me that we see in the maiden) but is also a tangible object that I'll be sending out into the world. However, just by seeing the maiden, I know there's something more to all of this then just what's on the surface (I KNOW my fae's, it's not that simple) and it's what I don't see, and that cute lil bratty smile she has (in this reading) is telling me, "I know something you don't, I know something you don't" then running off leaving a giggle to echo behind her. I can't help but to smile, but a stubborn child she is and b/c of this, I won't know the secret until "something" else happens. What that something is, I don't know, and she does darn it! LOL. Oh boy, now i'm exhausting myself trying to chase her, time for me to sit down and rest and just let her play as I watch her with a smile, and just enjoy her company.

Wisp Wings

Thanks for the reply. I think you have such a good relationship with the faes. On some level, whether you or the book of shadows, I think you and I both are understanding there is a chase of, a slight seeing of what is -- it is to be. I was so glad that you stated your thinking it is about your book of shadows. I really got the vib that you did know what it is, just it is underdeveloped/a work (even if in mind alone) in progress. I was seeing a cat and mouse type game, kinda similar to hide and seek and you just catching the image as it was once again out of sight.

Boy isn't this stuff fun? Catch a breath in between your games Sag. LOL