Books on crystals?


The Crystal Bible rocks, if you'll pardon the expression! The descriptions are very good and the pictures are helpful. I only have the purple volume of Melody's Love is in the Earth, but her descriptions of the powers of the crystals are very comprehensive, which makes it a great reference if you already know what stone you're holding.

I also like Cunningham's book of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic.


I found a book on crystals in the bargain bin at Barnes & Noble bookstore.

It's called Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon by Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer and Gisela Schreiber.

It doesn't contain some things (like morganite), but it does include some crystals I'd never heard of before (like zoisite). Nice pictures, and for each stone there is a breakdown on the chemical composition, crystallization, links to star/astrological signs, chakra classification, history/legend, and healing properties. It also tells how to care for each crystal; it seems that quite a few crystals can be "discharged under running water" (sometimes once month, sometimes more frequently; sometimes the water must be warm, other times not. They also speak to discharging/charging in moonlight).

Not bad for $9.00, and hardback, too!. ;)



I bought the crystal bible after a friend lent it to me, she lent me quite a few books that one was the most informative so after i gave it back like firefrost i went and won it on ebay :D


I have a very good book about gems from Walter Schumann, the book was written in German, and the title is "Edelsteine ans Schmucksteine" (ISBN 85-89533-57-3).

I dont know if it was translated to English, in Portuguese the title is "Gemas do Mundo".

It's not a healing crystal book, it's more like an encyclopedia for identifying gems.


Well, there are so many books out there on crystals and their metaphysical effects. I thought I would give you my take on some of them.

The most evidence-based book is "Crystal Power, Crystal Healing" by Michael Gienger. Gienger wanted to circumvent all of the assumtions about stones that are made about stones, or channeled information.

So he gave stones to a bunch of folks who carefully journaled their responses to living with the stone. Then he compiled and compared all of their responses and reported the most common responses.

The first part of the book talks about the physical structure of the crystal families and the effects of the families. There are beautiful photographs of the limited number of stones that Gienger studied. Warning: some of the stones are out of alphabetical order--I don't know why. Perhaps spellings changed in translation from German.

"The Book Of Stones" by Simmons and Ahsian is a very extensive discussion of MANY stones by two of the most influential writers on stones. Both intuitives, they each give their take on any particular stone as well as some historical information.

This is a very useful book with lovely photos of each stone discussed. It is a heavy book, too heavy to lug to the store [I tried it, don't do it!], and has long discussions of each stone because each author gives his/her separate take on it.

It is useful for crystal healers, shamanic journeyers and folks who want to understand the uses of various crystals and stones including their uses in psychic development and healing.

"Love Is In The Earth" by Melody (updated version) is very useful and is found as a reference where most stones are sold.

There are NO PHOTOS. Instead there are Melody's intuitive assessments of an extensive number of stones plus numerologic associations.

Melody has lovely energy and her information is useful for psychic development, shamanic work, healing etc.

There are two books by Judy Hall that are reference compilations which I have found helpful:

"The Crystal Bible" and "Crystal Prescriptions" by Judy Hall.

"The Crystal Bible"" gives an unattributed abbreviated synopsis of various writers' opinions on crystals in a handbook format (5 1/2" X 6 1/2 ") which is small enough to carry to the store."

There are several color photos of most crystals in their various forms plus a brief chart of each stone with its color, appearance rarity and source (countries of origin). It is quite portable and is also often found where stones are sold as a reference.

"Crystal Prescriptions" is a handy index of symptoms/conditions/diseases/problems with useful crystals for each.

It also has an introduction section on the care, cleansing and uses of crystals, preparation of crystal essences, dowsing for correct crystals, chakras and associations, crystal layouts.

I would like to see this book better developed with more conditions included, but it is still extremely handy.

But the thing to remember about these books is that they can't replace your own intuitive response to stones. Reading about them is one thing, and living with a stone is another.

You will be amazed to actually feel some of the things described in the books and though they described it, they couldn't come close to actually imparting the true experience.

Other stones just won't resonate with you and you will feel little to nothing. Or you may have a negative experience that nobody mentions in the books.

I think it is all a matter of whether you resonate with a particular stone. The books are a great place to start and to get some idea of what they are used for, but experience is everything when it comes to your personal reaction to any crystal.

Best wishes in getting to know your friends,


I have to bump everyones opinion on "The book of stones". I just love it!


I like one kit with a Judy Hall book and a Barnes&Noble title...

The kit has the book Crystal Healing with Judy Hall and comes with 12 small stones. As of June 2008, I saw one last month at Borders.

The stones are bloodstone, smoky quartz, red jasper, orange carnelian, yellow jasper, green aventurine, rose quartz, blue lace agate, sodalite, amethys, clear quartz, labradorite. I've only seen the 127-page softcover book in the pack...I bought one set in May 2008.

The Barnes and Noble title by Sue and Simon Lily is Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies... it has beautiful color pictures of different stones, descriptions and ordering by color, a personality quiz, some healing suggestions that include meditative energy and focus with certain colors of crystals, yoga postures and corresponding energy healing with that specific chakra center. I like it's approach.

Both Judy Hall and Sue/Simon Lilly have other comprehensive crystal books--I just wanted the healing/chakra references right now.

Best wishes to rock hounds!,



Amethyst Galleries- physical properties, pics

My favorite 'scientific' reference is Amethyst Galleries. They have a Mineral Gallery and shop, so there are photos of varied specimens of a type of stone. You can also see the gems sorted by different categories:
Interesting Groupings
Physical Properties

Their suggested books section shows the book covers and 2 magazines.


I have two books I use as a reference almost always.

The updated Book of Stones (as I did not own the first version). I tend to use that one a lot. I love it and the pictures are pretty nice as well.

Another book I use often is The Crystal Healer: Crystal Prescriptions That Will Change Your Life Forever by Philip Permutt
For me, even though this is not a thick book, it is very informative and has pretty good pictures as well. The stones are listed by color, which sometimes can be confusing. Also has a good reference for stones useful for mental, emotional, and physical uses.

I went on a bend (because of a coupon) and ordered Melody's new book Love is in the Earth; The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia. This is a very large, hardcover book that was described having information and pictures on 1400 minerals and crystals. It is expensive, but it was said to have combined all the information out of all of Melody's books. I did not purchase any of her other books because of all the suppliments, etc. So far I am VERY pleased with this book and I do believe one would get their monies worth.


Melody's "Love is in the Earth" is among the most popular books on this subject. However, not everything can be learnt from books, sometimes using one's own intuition is a good thing.