Books on crystals?


Hey everyone.

I've seem to gotten lost in the jungle of what books to buy, when you're new to crystals.

What I like is a book who can help me identify crystals (I've already got several crystals, but can't remember the names, and I plan on buying several more).

I've looked at Judy Halls Crystal Bible (V.1) or the definitive edition (what's the difference?) - and at Marina's Complete Guide to Crystal Astrology: 360 Crystals and Sabian Symbols for Personal Health, Astrology and Numerology.

Have you got any suggestions to a crystal novice?

Thanks in advance



love 'the book of stones', borrowed it from the library...will get my own copy soon...
and love Cunningham's book 'Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic', Diane Stein's 'Gemstones, A to Z',
and have the first one i bought, Dorothee Mella's 'Stone Power'...


well, for crystal properties I would second the recommendation for Love is In The Earth by Melody

for crystal healing techniques that is more a matter of opinions really. I did a 2 year crystal healing course back in the late 1990's. Having lessons, practical assessments, homework etc meant I learned and retained a lot.

however, I have still learned new techniques through reading and will continue to do so.

Hazel Raven's Heal Yourself with Crystals: Crystal Medicine for Body, Emotions and Spirit is a good one, as are the three books by Katrina Raphael.



rockersgurl said:
love 'the book of stones', borrowed it from the library...will get my own copy soon...
Who wrote this book? I am interested in looking for it

I suggest Judy Hall Crystal Bible vol 1 and vol 2


It's coming!!!!! :):):) My beautiful kids have pooled together to get it for Mother's Day, and we don't usually really 'do' Mother's Day!!!!! :):):)


In answer to the original thread question, though, Judy Halls books 1 & 2 are really wonderful, easy to use, and affordable... :)


Yes, Judy Hall's Crystal Bible is also a favourite of mine! I haven't found any book as thourough and methodic as this one (or these) is! :)

autumn star

Can anyone recommend a book that has lots of information on how to use crystals and what to do with them - not just their properties. I have Michael Giengars book but I am looking for something more specific on actually working with crystals.