brian froud and jesa macbeth's faery's oracle


is anyone else familiar with this magical deck? they have changed my life!!


hi mooness! very welcome on this forum, nice to see you here!!!

i have this deck, and i have to say, it's one of my favorites for not to say my favorite ;)

if you want to reach more people with your threads about oracles you better place them in the divination section for all oracles/oracle-system and other divination tools :)
next to this there is also a section only about the faeries oracle, isn't that really great!!! about the oracle, the cards, the book, the expieriences with the faeries...under study groups...hope you find your way, it's very confussing in the much info ;) all at once!

but very welcome!!!

divination section:
faeries oracle:

if you have any questions, ask!

with much of love,


Thread moved in accordance to its content... ;)

In Divination.

Don't forget about the section of the Study Group! :D


There are a few threads here in the Divination forum that discuss this deck and the Fairy Ring at length. Would attach them but don't know how ... sorry. If I find them I will bump them up for you.


Thanks Rostie!!!