Brian Froud statues, books etc


I wasn't sure where to post this, and it is relevant to this area in that people may want to study some of Froud's work in other ways to get more insights into the Oracle.

Forbidden Planet have started stocking some of his stuff, including some very sweet fairy models, e new edition of the Faery book and also a Good Faeries book . Go to and search on Froud (I can't find it another way) to see the models.


ps this is a UK store, they are probably available elsewhere too


They look nice! Altough, in my opinion, the differ from the deck pictures (at least the first three Faery do). Too bad they're not due till August/December...

Thanks for this wonderful revelation!



Wendy Froud is the Sculptor

Brian is the Painter Artist

The deck is Brian Froud's work these sculptures will be Wendy Frouds work ( hubby & Wife for any who do not already know )