Bright Tarot Decks - Opinions & Suggestions?


Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some new inspiration and especially for Tarot decks that are on the bright side. Flowers, fairies, dreams, animals etc... I am looking for decks that can really be read (not something just pretty to look at) and that can dig really deep too like the Victorian Fairy Tarot for example. Looking forward to your suggestions!



The Harmonious Tarot is quite pretty and fairy-like, and if you know the RWS system, you can read it right from the box. It's inspired by Walter Crane illustratiotions, and they're very beautiful if you like the style. I happen to like it, and I like the deck. I bought the mini version but I think that was a mistake - I should have bought the regular size and trimmed off the borders. But they're good for non-threatening readings, and they work quite well. I wouldn't say they dig really deep - maybe I didn't try hard enough?

The most beautiful tarot deck imaginable is without a doubt Shadowscapes. It ticks all the boxes. Magical atmosphere. But very busy cards; a larger size would do this deck justice. I had good readings with it. It's really like looking into another world.


Thanks Nemia! They both look super interesting. My first impression is that Shadowscapes is probably a little deeper but you never know. I was already stunned by "naive" looking decks, which proved to be extremely sharp and effective. They are both very beautiful, that's for sure. Thanks a lot for your suggestions, adding both to my wishlist right now :)


Tarot of the Sidhe.
Fantastic Menagerie Tarot.
Hezicos Tarot.
Chrysalis Tarot.
Joie de Vivre Tarot.


Hi Ana Luisa

I mean cards that are not harsh or aggressive. No black magic, no sexual or violent scene. The opposite of Gothic style :)
The colours can be bold, I'm mostly referring to the entire vibe of the deck. Thanks a lot for the suggestions you sent too! Will check them out right now.


Morgan Greer?


Hanson - Roberts and Robin Wood, with out question.


Two "naive" looking decks that have surprised me very much by the depth of their readability are Dreaming Way and Silhouettes. Both come from the Far East, i.e., they show what happens when our Western Renaissance images travel around the world ;-)

I didn't mention them before because I thought they're not exactly what you're looking for. Both are easily readable if you know your RWS, and you do, but they're no simple copies.

The Dreaming Way is painted in lovely watercolors, the figures are androgyne and dressed very beautifully (much of the clothing is based on traditional Korean dress and looks incredibly chic), and this deck gave me some amazingly accurate readings. The youthfulness of the figures made me suspect in the beginning that it's a cute-cute deck without much substance. I was totally wrong. This is a great and sophisticated reading deck.

The Silhouettes tarot doesn't have an AT review - I should write one!!! It's a beautiful deck and in spite of the cute figures gives very good non-cute readings. The colors and the lack of borders work best when the cards are placed next to the other in a reading. You get a "comic strip" or a storyboard where the silhouetted figures start to come alive. Amazing way to read tarot cards - and even with other borderless decks, this technique never worked that well for me as with the "seamless" Silhouettes tarot. Shadow puppet tarot :)

Both decks are gentle in their approach and like a person with a very pleasant, soft voice can tell you things that you wouldn't even listen to if the voice were harsher.

These two decks are at the moment my two main reading decks. I read sometimes for teenagers (friends of my daughter - for fun, not for money), and these are the decks I reach for. Good, honest, deep readings. They trigger my intuition more than other, more "serious" decks I bought.


Thinking about which decks would correspond to your criteria I'm surprised how few decks fill it:
-animals, flowers
-dreams, dreamy

Excluding OOP, expensive or HTF decks, some that comes close could be:

Dame Darcy Mermaid. I don't own it (yet) but it seems a tale-like deck that has an easy-style, and people say it's easily readable (no real fairies or animals)

Inner child would fill some criteria but unless you are familiar with the stories they are based on I doubt it would really be easily readable.

Cat-based: Bohemian Cats (Baba Studio), dog based: chihuahua, animal based : Animism (no fairies)

Paulina, Shadowscape (already mentioned in above posts) would fit most of the criteria but they aren't so easily readable.

What about Shapeshifter, Faerie Tarot, Moon Garden, Animals Divine? These might come close to what you are looking for.