California Babylon (Negative Surroundings)


California Babylon by The Transplants
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In a pessimistic mood, so don't be surprised if this turns into a rather pessimistic spread. This song was written about one of the band member's girlfriends, and of general violence and depression you can find in the LA and Hollywood areas. So naturally this spread will be about growing up in a negative area, with negative influences, and how it will effect your growth as a person.​

Card one; Who You Are
"She thinks she's a star. Do you know who you are?"
----This card is who you think you are. What you feel about yourself personally. This is taking your esteem into consideration as well. Do you think you're a star, or do have the tendancy to shoot yourself down?

Card two; Nurses in Bondage
"Waitress all dressed like nurses in bondage Brought me the check, said 'I want you to sign this'"
----This is your apathy, or things you can go your entire life without noticing. Take a closer look and these things may be a bigger deal than they seem.

Card three; Union Boy and Rasta
"Union boy standing next to the rastas 'There's gonna be a strike and you ain't gonna stop us'"
----This card represents how you lash out your anger. Usually this is at an innocent source. Pay attention to how you lash out, and then look at what actually cause your problems. Think on it for a while.

Card four; American Punks
"Three men standing and they love what they do. You won't see it coming, cause they wanna surprise you. Consider it done, they're gonna stand right by you. American punks don't care about you, Hollywood what you gonna do?"
----This is how the world lashes out at you. Compare it to the previous card for similarities and differences and think on what that means in your life.

Cards five, six and seven; Pool of Red
"You can take away the nights with sights of bright lights Sheiks still ride, engage in street fights Two to the head, pool of red, he's dead Suspect fled, caught up with bloodshed No sign of hope, we fight and sling dope Junkies to our left, no fix, they can't cope Violence won't cease, hand me the chrome piece No peace or sleep, we fight with police"
----These cards represent your surroundings, and the negative vibes coming from them. Think of how each cards plays of your first card, and how they play off of each other. Look for common suits or themes.

Card eight; Shows Up on the Scene
"She showed up on the scene, she was 17 Now she's 21, she does some more coke, she does some more coke She drinks some whiskey and she smokes some dope"
----How all of these influences will total in on you IF and only if you let them. If this card appears negative, then see where you can change. Even the most negative readings can be positive enough if you take their advice.

Card nine; California Babylon
"Don't say that you don't understand Don't say that you can't comprehend Don't say that you don't understand, this is California Babylon, my man"
----This is the advice you need to take, or the positive things you can take from your situation. Learn from other's mistakes. Just living in a negative area doesn't mean you have to succomb to it.


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