Can anyone identify this Aztec(?) themed deck?


Anyone know these please? An unknown deck in the Library of Avalon.
Help much appreciated.



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Interesting looking deck but unfortunately I can't help you identify it


The Aztec Circle of destiny

The cards come from a kit - 1988 Llewellyn, and should have had a set of 13 glyph tiles and a hefty paperback book.
They are probably not of much use on their own, but I'll take them back to the Library and let the powers-that-be decide.

Love a sleuth though :)


If it is from the set by Bruce Scofield & Angela Cordova, there should have been 13 circular wooden chips with the symbols of the numbers.

Kenneth Johnson is another interesting reference author.

A similar product is titled The Mayan Oracle (Ariel Spilsbury, Michael Bryner)


One Reed Publications (Bruce Scofield)

Ivan Van Laningham has site pages for The Maya Calendar at that show various size & colorations for the day glyphs, etc.

Deniart sells black-and-white fonts if one wanted to print & color your own.