Can anyone teel from Tarot cards, a ghost who is visiting you?


Here's a picture of the ghost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tarot cards- probably not. You need a medium to ask about this. There are postings elsewhere about Ouija boards, and I suggest you do not go there.

Personal comment to all reading this post: This is Samhain ( Halloween) a time when 'the veil between the worlds' thins and many things come through. Does anyone else sense more activity at this time of year?
I myself am a 'transmitter', not a 'receiver', so this type of thing can be happening right next to me and I'd never know it. Perfer not to, in a way!


i've never heard of tarot cards being used to contact a spirit. i've used a Bible pendulum method that was okay. it has to be done w/ a partner and i can't remember how you suspend the Bible between your fingertips right now...have you had a professional ghost hunter come to your house to check this out? i saw you have links to ghost hunter groups but don't know if you've contacted any of them. tarotbear's suggestion of a medium is good but i'd want a scientific evaluation of "hot spots", etc. ime, someone doesn't have to die in the house you live for an entity to be drawn to you. sometimes it's something about a child in the house. maybe the area the house was built on has meaning to the spirit. there could be less obvious connections. my talent has been more hearing them or talking to them while asleep or being aware of their presence. not something i like to do or want to repeat--i've never been harmed but it's a very unnnerving experience.


It looks like a sphynx with a skull below it.


from my experience tarot energies are on a far higher plane than where these earth-bound ghosts live and cannot be used to access lower planes. Tarot as a magical tool is merely capable to invocate, not to evocate. As said before, ouija, voodoo or similar have access to this levels. But be sure what you do and be careful! I would not suggest to relate the tarot with these existences, because if you really get contact, that would mean that you have lowered the energy of your tarot and will not get rid of lower life forms using it as a channel, blocking it for superior forces.