Can & Can't Change Spread


The inspiration for this spread is that there are just some things in our lives that we can’t change, while there are things that we can. Knowing the difference between the two is often one of the hardest things to do. We often waste our energy trying to alter aspects that we have no true control over, while exerting little effort into the things we could truly change. This spread aims at helping you discover what you can and can’t change in any given situation. Besides using it for a specific situation, it can also be used to discover if in general we are toiling away on one thing while neglecting another that truly could bear fruit.


1. Issue at hand
2. What I can’t change (about this situation)
3. Why I can’t change it
4. How I can come to accept that I can’t change this
5. What I can change (about this situation)
6. Why I can change it
7. Steps I can take to make the change
8. Probable result of making the change referenced in number 7
9. Probable result from staying the current course without making changes


Great one, thanks! I tried it and it really worked!


Love this! I'm going to save it. Personally, I prefer my spreads to be a little smaller, so I left out the "Why" cards.