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Kyrea Gold

hi -

i've been having a really intense period in my life lately and although i purchased the faeries oracle years ago and have only looked through it in admiration without study(the curse of collecting like a glutton). i really supposed it was (for me) going to be a beautiful deck in my collection that suffers from the syndrome of "so many decks, so little time."

for the first time in my life, despite an attraction to faeries, i am dreaming of them....i had one a few weeks ago when i looked up and saw angels or faeries just streaming out fo the room, into the sky. and an old lady was sitting on a bed and i think others, maybe 2 others, and she said either to or perhaps them "well, finally you see us" and then i woke up. i was disappointed as i really felt like i was seeing a magical otherworld.

two nights ago, i dreamed that i was looking into the air and it was like this one time i woke up and opened my eyes and the air was visible and swirling everywhere but it disappated as i adjusted to the room. so anyway, the air was like that but became a concentrated point in which a lovely fairy appeared and it was really cool.

the dream so impacted me that today when i sat down to study the phantasmagoric as i was planning on studying with that group but i went down and grabbed my faery deck.

the other times i looked through it i could absolutely not connect with the deck at made no sense to me. it was pretty and i could read the book and think "well, maybe" but now it is like come alive.

so, not to sound like a naive or ignorant question, but there really are fairies? is that universally thought on this list or do some think they are a beautiful fiction?

i do love this deck!


Kyrea Gold

i forgot to mention...that number 34, Sylvanius, was the faery that i think was in my last night dream!

i hope i dream of more :)


Oh most definitely. I'm glad to hear that you dreamed of the faeries one night. It would make sense (to me) that it was Sylvanius that you saw. Sylvanius to me has always meant seeing the truth behind the illusions, understanding this truth, and making significant breakthroughs in your life by seeing and understanding truth. She brings you truth as a gift, with truth, one must need to walk slowly, as sometimes, it's hard to digest the truth, and we need time to do so, she walks slowly, gracefully, towards us, hiding nothing, but will disguise herself as need be in order to bring us truth (if that makes sense). This is why I say it's seeing truth behind illusions, understanding what the illusion is as well as understanding the truth. She has come to you to show you that faeries are real, but its up to you to accept that truth.

To answer your question, yes, faeries are real, they are as real as the sky, grass, flowers, trees, sun, moon, etc. They are apart of this world as well as their world. I believe the two worlds overlap each other. In any case, I hope this helped some.



I definitely agree with you! :)
These two worlds overlap and co-exist, and faeries are real. We all are taking a journey to them to know who they really are. We are learning to see and understand the core of things. Actually, as I've been told things in this (mostly human) world are much much simpler designed. So, I guess it's no prob for them to point where we act unadequate (I'm not using a term 'bad' or 'wrong' intentionally) - it's easy for them to see. From time to time I feel sorry that ages, heavily influenced by christian culture, brought up a stereotype concerning the fae-folk. Faeries are real. If one can't see them, it doesn't mean they don't exist. That's actually my point.

Well, yesterday I had a wonderful lesson from Laiste (she helped me to cope with some things) concerning the fact of their world's presence. It's not the only experience. So, once again, they are real. But being real doesn't mean that you can catch a faery with your hands. ;)

There's also another side to the reality of faeries. They are real to me. But it is not a common occurrence among people. I know folks that consider faery-folk creatures made up by story-tellers. Will faeries be real to them? I doubt it. Things become real only if one allows them to appear in his/her life. This is all about learning to be perceptive. I think. ;)


Do you ever wonder if faeries have long, philosophical discussions on the reality of humans?



I wondered. :) They don't, as far as I know.:)


it is an odd thought to think that faeries would philosophize about humans. LOL!

Wisp Wings

Alissa said:
Do you ever wonder if faeries have long, philosophical discussions on the reality of humans?


I am more of the impression its like "Get Real!", them telling us this. I am meaning this in terms of loosen up and letting go, being more at ease than we humans are. Jesa is saying often that they are trying to understand the concept of money and they don't understand why she just doesn't levitate herself or teleport to a location she needs to be at. I tend to think they probably do discuss understanding the concept of money amongst themselves. They see no need for it. Her best attempt is telling them this is a kind of game we play. LOL