Can negative readings taint a deck?


Hello All,
I am new to tarot and to forums, so please forgive any mistakes or silly questions.

I originally posted several questions in one post that I should have asked across different forums. I am trying to rectify my error by asking in the correct places now. I included a link below to the original post if you want info on the specific situation.

My question for the forum is this: So far, I have only done a few readings with my deck and have only used it for learning about my personal growth. I have been so impressed and amazed with the results that I would now like to do a reading to seek advice on how to handle a very difficult situation that I am dealing with. This involves family, work, and dishonesty. Will doing a reading like this bring negativity to my deck? I am using a beginners deck called the Art of Tarot and the pictures are, to me, very pure and clean. I have only used it after meditating and getting into a very open, honest head-space. I am concerned that if I start using it to read external events, that the deck will absorb some of that negativity.

My "gut" is telling me to keep this deck as my "inner self" deck and to get another for reading external events. Is that ridiculous?

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Well, thinking something is enough to taint the deck for you. Literally taint the deck? No. But in your mind, very likely. Go ahead and get a second deck, you'll feel better about the whole thing.


Nothing that makes you feel more confident and comfortable with reading is ridiculous. You will hear differing opinions about decks absorbing negative energy. Personally, I don't get mystical about them and just think they're a tool. But you can always cleanse your deck between readings if you like. Look up previous threads on the many ways to do this.


Some readers have personal decks that they only use for their own readings and public decks that they use for doing readings for others. I've never felt that way and will use the same deck for personal and public readings.

If you use your deck for a public reading and feel that it's tainted afterward, there are many different ways to clear/clean the deck. There are lots of threads here in Talking Tarot about how to do that.

Good luck!


I don't believe that a negative reading will taint a deck. If I did, I would be out of business in a flash.
That said, if you think that you want your cards to be about personal growth, then that is what it should be. It's easy and relatively inexpensive to pick up a new deck for the less personal stuff. And who knows, you may find that both decks push your growth.


I don't know there could be some truth in this, my very first Lenormand deck was Titania's Fortune Cards, this was how I learned Lenormand and I used this deck exclusively for years and got very good readings with it. Then all of a sudden the readings just became off for want of a better word to describe it and I stopped using them. I still have them but use Blue Owl, Ciro's etc. This is the only deck I have ever had in 20 years that has gone like this, so, if you feel it will happen to you then by all means buy another one. After all it's your intuition that is telling you this and that is what Tarot is all about intuition! :)


I had a really bad reading from my Haindl deck approximately April 2014 and despite my best efforts, have not been able to read with it since then. It has nothing to do with anything negative from the cards themselves but I am seeing the cards differently and they just haven't talked to me like they used to. By really bad, it wasn't really even a negative reading. It was a confused, jumbled mishmash of thoughts, which in retrospect was perfectly in line with my mental state after a car wreck later in the year. Taint the deck, perhaps not; but your perception of it, quite possibly.


Your question is so earnest and honest, LovingMom. :) I want to wish you luck with your current deck, and with your current troubling queries/deep thoughts!

I think a new deck would behoove you, personally. I would get one if I were in your situation, and able. But I do think it could be possible, whether now or eventually, to entrust your current deck with such questions. After all, seems like you trust it a lot! It's really up to your discretion whether you believe that cleansing rituals would be enough to help you reconnect with your deck after more trying sessions with it.


Thank you all SO much for your input. Reading everything you have all said, I think I will get a new deck that I can use to contemplate external issues.


Thank you all SO much for your input. Reading everything you have all said, I think I will get a new deck that I can use to contemplate external issues.
I did that, though not really consciously. It just sort of happened as I acquired more decks. One has made it's way into being my personal deck that I use to only read for my internal self (or just about only), my thoughts, feelings, worries, joys, etc. Another has started being the deck I use to read for external things concerning myself. And yet another has kind of migrated into the place of using for readings for others. It's just sort of happened that way. I don't think about it really, I just reach for the one I feel good about for each question and they seem to fall along those lines.

And welcome to the forum, LovingMom! You're going to like it here.:thumbsup: