Can Tarot Be Dangerous?a Very Serious Question


Dear, Star :)

This deck,indeed,is a very good one for me to use.I used some suggestions I found on Llewellyn Tarot site-and tried to "clean" my cards-exactly waht you suggested.I think that sunlght is a much nicer version of a candlelight,so I should try this method :) Hmmm...I don't know if I won't sell this deck,though.It "talks" to me but some of the Minors are not depicted as meaning anything-10 of Cups,for instance, is just the ten cups and that's all...If I sold this deck and a rider-Waite(I got soooo scrwed up (sorry) It is the Rider-Waite-bought online,yes-but this is the most awful version of this deck you could ever imagine-I wouldn't give half a penny for it-if I knew it then :( )And if I sold both decks(if anyone would buy the Rider-Waite one...) I could earn some money to by the Tarot of Mermaids :D For the time being-as I'm still hesitant-I'll probably try encouraging my dreams and sleep with some of the cards-except Death,I think :p Not now,just not now...I think not only me should try it!
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Tarot.. Devil? No

Just do it until you get scared and then blame it. That's what everyone else is doing.

No, tarot is not evil, but in life, everything is dangerous, fortune telling as well. The divine voice, the destiny, I call it, wants everyone to know what they need to know at the right time. No one misses out anything in their lives because living the path IS life!

So tarot can be very helpful to the guys with natually good carma and for guys with bad luck, that's bad you had to find out, but now you know you have bad luck and you can act upon it and change yourself to get sucess which is what ultimately defines destiny. Freedom till you die.

Mystic Zyl

I have read for many years and tarot can drain you if you are not well rested and do not eat healthy. To read tarot takes energy. When I first started to read tarot I did not think about renewing my energy. I told a mentor of mine that taught tarot what was happening, she said I had a hole in my aura....I thought what a bunch of crap. I really have to see things work before I believe in it, I am the kind of person that wants proof. So, at class that night she had me hold an alum crystal in my left hand and imagine the negativity leaving my body thought my left arm into the crystal. Now, mind you she did not tell me or the class why she was having me do this. She had a round disk coal already lit in a shell and then told me to put the alum crystal onto the disk, it sizzled and melted. But, the instance the crystal hit the coal I got a shot of instant energy, like I could run a marathon. She went on to say that sometimes holes get in our auras and we should do this from time to time. I was a true believer, because I was not preconditioned to know that this little ritual was going to make me better.

As for tarot possessing you, blah. Tarot is a tool, the cards contain no magic. A tool can be used for good or evil. Example a hammer can be used to build a house or it can be used to hit someone in the head and kill is the intent that you use the tool. That being said, you should not abuse your tools, like any craftsman has respect for their tools. So, Tarot is not evil. Some people do spellcasting with Tarot, I do not as I am a Spiritualist Christian. Maybe the act of casting spells opens up new portals that one should be careful of.


Some people do spellcasting with Tarot, I do not. Maybe the act of casting spells opens up new portals that one should be careful of.

In dealing with things occult it has been said many times (usually by me) "Do not open a door that you do not know how to close." However, IMHO - using a Ouija board where you 'deliberately' call on spirit forces is the next best thing to sending them Hallmark card. A deck of decorated cardboard rectangles in a box on a shelf is not a doorway ... but I digress.

For my comment on 'tools' go back to page 6, post # 57.


In relation to the first post and the subject of the thread I think one must realise that obsession is something that can happen to certain types in many different fields; tarot, astrology, numerology (constantly analysing names, car number plates ... becoming suspicious of people because of their car number plate, etc.) appearance, health, cleaning, etc.

I had a friend who did three tarot reading in a row several times a day ... for themselves... NOT healthy IMO.