Can you explain crystal balls and scrying to me?? Please?


whenever i do a reading for people i always get a clear glass of water......then if their guides ask me to, i scry in the glass.

i also scry over their shoulder....left shoulder.....and also in their left eye.

i feel myself 'fall' over their shoulder or into their eye.......that's how you know you are 'fall' into it. (at least that's what the woman who introduced me to it said and i always feel myself falling into it)

in light,

ps new river can i be your best friend and borrow your crystal balls? pllleeeeasssseeee.

New River

hi jade! well, you are one of my best friends and of course you can borrow my crystal balls.

should i come after you if you fall in???

actually that is an apt description of when you know you are scrying. everything else just disappears, it is like falling in.

love, light and hope,
New River


I have a scrying mirror that someone made for me. It's circular in a wooden frame with 13 sides and is a piece of glass that was painted black, then silvered. I keep it wrapped in black silk.

You are supposed to sit in moonlight, but not have the moon itself reflected on the glass. If indoors you should have a candle or two behind and to the side of you so that there is light but the source is not reflected in the mirror. Basically, you sit there and do not focus on anything and let your gaze get fuzzy and 'see' what you see. You can also do the same thing with a cauldron full of water, or a bowl of ink.


wow, i've never heard about the bowl of ink before.

thanks tarotbear!

in light,


**old joke**

Why did the Gypsy have no children?

Because he had crystal balls!



Thanks Jade...

although it turns out that the falling in bit was the only instruction...eesh...this could take me a while...
Is it kinda like auras?..being really tired, and relaxing?...


Black coffee works great.
So does your Palm (PDA). (Folks think you’re working).


I hadn't thought about using a PDA for scrying (what a great integration of old and new), but I used to have a program for mine called Mirror that made all the pixels dark (my PDA is greyscale only) and took up hardly any memory. If anyone wants to go this route, you may want to look into getting the program as the darker screen may be easier to work with.