Can you explain crystal balls and scrying to me?? Please?



"although it turns out that the falling in bit was the only instruction...eesh...this could take me a while...
Is it kinda like auras?..being really tired, and relaxing?..."

actually i can't do it if i'm tired. my eyes need to be really awake.

i set a candle up so that it's behind and to the side of the crystal ball. i dim the lights so that it's quite dark. i stare at the ball (kinda like those 3d photos that you need to not focus to see them) and you just relax your eyes and then you will feel like you are falling............that's when the scrying begins.

i usually see a movie, sometimes just symbols that i interpret. it depends. sometimes, i get sensations - sorta like when you are reading the tarot.

it can take months or minutes to master this. it all depends on you. so be patient and enjoy whatever you get.

when i scry it feels like minutes and sometimes it's been hours. time ceases to exist.

hope this helps.


Scrying with LCD (crystals)

I tried using the Mirror program, but I did not like the ‘auto-off’ after 3 minutes. I find if I aim the screen at a white wall, it makes for a great point of meditation/reference. If you do this at work, folks think you are working…(which you are).
In addition, it is a great method to prepare for meeting with clients.




i've been experimenting with scrying a bit lately. as i have no money whatsoever, i had to make due with what i've got around the house. i filled a large, shiny metal bowl with water and lit candles around the room. it took quite some time to get anything, but eventually, my suspicions about moths being my spirit animal were confirmed. i've not had much luck beyond that yet.

much luck, shannon :}