Candle magic?


I've been wondering about the petition thing?

I've personally only ever used my intention but I'm wondering if any of you use them and most importantly what do you do with it afterwards???

Burn it? Bury it?

I watched a video on that website where you broadcast yourself and her technique (and according to her the only technique!) is to engrave the candle with your petition?

Have any of you found any difference with any of those different techniques or does it all lead to Rome so to speak?

Many thanks xx


I used to do the petition papers and then afterwards I would burn them and scatter the ashes at a crossroads. Now I just carve some images and names or whatever is relevant into the candle and that's it. I have found no difference in efficacy. The only difference is that I hate writing by hand, so now that I don't have to do those piddly petition papers with all the turning and anointing and folding, I don't procrastinate when I need to set a candle like I used to.


It all leads to Rome IMO.
Just depends on what suits and how much you believe in whatever method you're using.

I don't often use candles. (my partner is paranoid I'll burn the house down - so I can only get away with tea-lights here and there).
My modus operandii are:
- Intension with ritual chants.
- Write down in chant form, leave to "work" on Alter - then burn in a metal dish.
- Write down in Sigil form, leave to "work", then burn in a metal dish...
- Or create spell in Tarot card imagery - if the cards have been printed off computer and/or hand drawn or coloured in etc - eventually burn in a metal dish.


I can't speak according to my experience here (I have none in this field!), but I am reading a book by Scott Cunningham (and Tanga said elsewhere that he is a classic reference :D )

Well, he said to burn the petition paper in the goddess cauldron on the Altar, which could correspond to a metal dish I guess.

I have some pagan sides but it isn't clear (for me as well)!


One thing that really worked for me is to use a "honey pot" with a candle. I also put a sigil under or in the honey pot. I use a small jar, put in honey and other herbs, stones, etc. associated with my goal, put the sigil beneath, and burn a candle of an appropriate color on top of it.

Edited to add that I use this when I feel like I will have to use the spell multiple times. I don't have to do anything new on subsequent burnings except prepare the candle. And the honey pot and sigil sit on the altar getting charged between each burn.


There are so many different ways to approach candle magic and many books out there with suggestions. Each path may suggest a particular way to work with them and how to discard. I prefer to keep it simple. Using a needle that I have cleansed, blessed and put aside for only candle work, I inscribe words, sigils, runes, phrases either on the candle side, or bottom, towards me to draw things, away from me to banish. Others will burn petition with candle, wrap petition around candle and burn it that way (rather dangerous!) or put it under the candle, then various ways to discard it (running water, burn, rip, scatter, bury at crossroads, etc.). I let the candle burn down past the sigil, phrase, rune, bindrunes, I have inscribed and the spell is cast and finished. Sent out, nothing else to do. :)