card 0 on Faeries Oracle by B. Froud


good morning.

Today I just made 30 minutes meditation after beginning a very busy day, as We travel today to mainland Spain with our 3 years old boy to see the family. I asked to my guides for help. A good trip with on problems and patient with my too much active children, help to deal with the stressful situations that will come, and help to provide my grandparents a wonderful moments with my children. I visualized a healing and nice light and so on arriving to my pendant with a tetragrammaton and after all this I felt I had to take a card from my Brian Froud oracle fairies.
Surprisingly, what I got was the zero card. I looked at the book as I never realized it was there, And I saw the title meaningful, *guidance, direct communication with your fairies guide*
I was asking for a message from my guides to have in mind for this holidays and I got this.

So simple answer! Just call me, direct communication with me

Nice! Amazing, Im surprised

By the way, on drawing is on this and I do not feel confident to draw any fairies on it, I will probably destroy the deck with a horrible kids painting. I thought first on drawing a tetragrammaton. Should be find to represent my connection with my guides. :)


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Sometimes the Fae are about as subtle as a flick on the ear, or a pie in the face. Glad they were able to communicate to you during your trip, hope it goes well for you! Travelling with little ones is always hard, I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 15 month old who make trips very intense, to say the least.

We find that making little baggies of snacks, toys (new or never seen before), coloring supplies, and if you have it, technology like a portable DVD player or games w/headphones.

Best of luck on your trip!


I think these cards are very special. I have not had them for a long time, but I'm already amazed.

Oh, and by the way, do not be afraid of drawing on your zero card. Froud is such an amazing artist, anything one draws will rarely be as good, and I don't think that's the point. You won't be "ruining" the deck, you will be adding your particular faerie energy to it, completing it, and making it fully yours. The entity you draw is yours and yours alone, and whatever meaning you assign to him/her/it will enhance the reading it shows up in.

I had the most wonderful experience with my zero card, but I'm not telling until you draw yours. Then we can swap... ;)

Luna's Crone

0 card

i based my fairie a bit on my son. He is for the underdog and will protect them, but then he's a bit of an idiot who is finally showing he has commonsense at the age of 31. I thought a fairie like that would be perfect for me.


I leave 0 out of my deck. It feels like the right thing to do. When I've done faerie land meditations, I've never met my guide.