Card 25 - The Faery Godmother


I felt the need to open a new thread, due to the wanderings of the original FGM thread that seems to go mostly about other Fae and daily draws. While I know the FGM doesn't mind sharing I'd really wanted a thread just for 'her'. :)

FGM to me has very kind healing energy. She's the stuff of miracles and wonders, even more so than the regular Fae. In her, she has partly the essence of mother, but not the one that you would have take care of you daily. She's the Spiritual Mother in a way, a fragment of She of the Cruach, responsive to your needs, wants and dreams. The type that listens carefully and in the end still gives you what you need, comforts you when you don't get what you want and listens to your dreams.

I think that the crystal ball she is holding feels even more powerful then a wand would have done. (Yes, she's a FGM without a wand!). In fact, it feels like an extension of her energy to me, a type of knowing.

She also has an apple, which always makes me think of a nurturing wholesome aspect, although sometimes we know, apples can be a reminder that some dreams are too good to be true. (Snow White)

I really like the Owl with her, as I do so think that the FGM sometimes needs a little outside wisdom too! :)

Brain talks about how she is the only one with a crown of branches, flowers AND stars, but doesn't get into what it means.

FGM for me is about giving and receiving, about seeing your own power, about letting somebody help you out... about so many things. In many ways for me, she's an Ideal to aspire too.

I'm interested in knowing what others think of her,



I have alwasy seen her as the overseer... she watches over every aspect of every thing and lends her energy and help where it is needed most. As she looks out at us I have always found her to have a calming effect on me... like she is soothing my soul to help me better adjust to who I am... she is one of the fae that I seem to implicitly trust to have my best interests at her heart...
(there are a few that don't seem to always :D)

She is always nurturing to me... yes she has the apple, but is it really to feed the physcial side?? For me it hasn't been, she has always bee the one to feed and soothe my soul. She seems to pop up whenever I am having the most turmoil (as Jewel and I found out in our healing readings)... whenever I have become discontent or uncertain with who I am at the very core of my being, FGM pops up and demands to be allowed into my soul.

I find her to be my anchor very often when things are colliding. That is why I see her as the overseer. She seems to see everything, and be able to help with anything.


I find that the FGM comes up very frequently for me- and that her energy is very nurturing, but open. She doesn't smother her charges, rather she observes us with a certain gentle humor about our foibles- she's ancient, and certainly has been where we are. She knows better, but allows us to fall on our butts. She steps in after we've been thoroughly humiliated, and dusts us off, and gently asks, "What did you learn from that, my dear?"
Whenever I see her, I smile, and think about what I can laugh about now that was Such A Big Deal before. This card reminds me to forgive myself for screwing up, and to embrace the wonderful mistakes that have made me who I am.