Card 34 ~ Sylvanius


I checked and didn't see a thread for this card, so I thought we needed one.

This is my card for the day...I've recently re-discovered my Faeries and didn't know how much I missed them.

I find it interesting that this card deals with Masks, since this is the time of year we don them for others to see. This card is also called "The Mask of Truth, True Dreaming." To me it looks like when the uppermost Faery removes the mask, only then then is the Bright Shining Faery on the inside seen.


This was my daily draw as well, for the second time this week!

*TA really needs to pay attention*

I can't help but notice the Faery in the middle, lighting up the card. I feel as though she is there for me to remember there's always light in the situation.

At the heart of the situation we will always find light or truth. Maybe there are times when we need to look beneath the layers (mask) to discover this?

Sylnvanius himself looks a bit cheeky ;)


TemperanceAngel said:

Sylnvanius himself looks a bit cheeky ;)

The male faery in this card, holding the brown mask always looked like himself to me. This card usually feels like a faery party and their all waiting for the guest of honor to show. He's there holding her mask for the ball in waiting for her arrival, like a princess waiting to be crowned.

Sometimes this cards seems like removing masks to reveal the real truth, sometimes it means the querent is holding the truth in their hands, other times, it means they know the truth in their heart. It all depends on how I feel at the time as well as what the other faeries have to say in the card, and what other cards are surrounding it, as well as what position it's in. I know, i'm not helping here am i? LOL.




I thought the man looked like Himself as well. I also thought the female in the center reminded me of one of the singer cards because of the way her light kind of fanned out it has a similar "shape" to one of the singer cards but I forget which one. Anyway after I joined this forum and went through some of the exercises I realized that it had been a while since I actually did them. I thought well surely I have progressed along my path so perhaps the cards that I liked most and least will have changed. And sure enough. I was drawn most positively to 2 cards this time and I could NOT for the life of me separate the two and pick ONE. I chose Sylvanius and Taitin the Sylph. (Of course G. Hobyah still in the least category...I still have some work to do LOL)

I think given the current phase in my life and the challenges I'm facing these two cards are exactly what I need to focus on. I just LOVE this deck!!! ;-)


I see him, naked and spread eagle, but holding a feathered cloak over his arm. Would I rather see the naked truth? Or the wolf in sheep's clothing?
I see horned man, oakmen and pixies.
I see one of the only actually clothed fae in the whole deck, with an actual physical cloth. I see the green glint of the sword's hilt, and I wonder what it all means.