Card 5 - She of the Cruach


Since we have gained a lot of new members here lately I went browsing through the study group index to realize that there are many cards we have not started threads on. Particularly on the Singers, which many us have talked about how much we like them, yet how they present some difficulties in understanding them. So in an effort to fill in some thread gaps, gain understanding, and add some discussion to the group here we are.

She of the Cruach is one the Singers that has visited me quite a bit as a daily card and in readings over the years. I find her to be very comforting and nurturing. One of the things I love about her image in the card is that I see a combination of the images of several other Singers (Ekstasis, The Singer of Healing, Unity, The Singer of Courage, The Singer of the Chalice, the Singer of Intuition, The Guardian at the Gate, and He of the Fiery Sword). As I see the combination of Singers I feel the strength and compassion of this Singer.

When I get this card in daily draws (my faerie companion/guide for the day), she brings me optimism to rise over adversity and a sense of calmness. She encourages me to listen and really hear what is going on around me and to act with confidence knowing I have thought things through. It also means that I have strong support around me that day. She embraces me and encourages me to embrace others (pay it forward so to speak).

Now my experiences and description may not fit what is in the book, honestly I do not know and don't have the book with me today to add to this, but this is how I have come to know this singer and what she means to me.

I would love to hear your impressions and thoughts on her.


I get one of the singers probably 60% to 70% of the time when I draw one card for myself. So I know them well!! :*
She of the Cruach is the mother figure, sort of Empress-like, but even more. There is a hint of a cup, holding what looks to be raised arms almost high priestess-like to draw down the moon. She is the quintessetial feminine energy.
When I draw her as a card I feel surrounded by love and acceptance - acceptance of all the good, bad, and ugly! :)


This card I see typical symbols, goblet, womb, yoni, I see hands made of light dipping into the center bowl of light, as if reaching for the pure waters.
I also see a cross legged seated woman, arms raised, connecting herself to her earth center. I see roots and a strong light reaching down into the earth.