Card 7 - The Singer of Intuition


The Singers are some of the cards that many of us have had the most challenge learning how to interpret. This Singer, The Singer of Intuition, is the key to understanding them. When I look at the card I see two very open purple birds with extended wings flying in tandem. Below them is the top of the earth. From below them there appears to be a "whoosh" that encompases them, the earth, and opens up to the heavens. In the heavens is the Crown Chackra which we can open to receive the universal messages.

If you note, all the bright lights and spots on the card they are all unifying and coming together. The mind, the senses, the physical beings (purple birds). The outcome of this is our intuitive feelings. It is a interconnectedness that integrates the outer stimuli we perceive, and results in hunches and other intuitive expressions.

I find this Singer to be one of quiet listening and attunement. It is a Singer that you feel. When I receive this card as my daily draw, I become more aware of me and everything around me and listen to that inner voice that results and follow its guidance. This is much the same way as I work with this deck and the faeries in general. I find this Singer to be a particular guide in working with faeries in general. I believe what I perceive and act accordingly.


Jewel, thanks for the info on the Crown Chakra! (Chakras seem to come into it a LOT with the Singers so I need someone like you to tell me!)

the violet colour and number 7 gives the card a very 'mystic' is between the Singers of Connection and Courage, which I suppose is where Intuition does exist!

today, for me, the being of light on the card shifts between a woman in a headress and a bird.

I recently saw a programme about intelligence, which showed that certain 'experts', from chess players to firefighters, are so knowledgeable and practiced in their field that the knowledge BECOMES intuition, their brains change to hold the information and they 'know' what will happen in a way that amazes others.

A feeling of calmly floating above the chaos, of purely, clearly...knowing.


Greenbeans, I am no expert on Chackras, there are other members here that can really help us both with that. My knowledge is very limited and rudementary (and in some cases non-existant *LOL*).

I loved your thoughts on this card. They have added to my understanding of this Singer. Thank you!


Jewel said:
Greenbeans, I am no expert on Chackras, there are other members here that can really help us both with that. My knowledge is very limited and rudementary (and in some cases non-existant *LOL*).

Still, you know more than me! Its one of those many things I keep meaning to read up on but always forget.

Its so good that you posted on these remaining Singers- I think people get put off posting about them due to their perceived difficulty/abstractness, but they are so central to the deck and I really enjoyed taking a good look at them. Somehow its easier to collect my thoughts after reading your (always perceptive) comments!


~blush~ Well I can probably teach you all I know about chakras in about 5 minutes or less *LOL*.

The Singers were hard for me at first too, and in the years I have been around here I see they have challenged many of those new to the Faeries Oracle. Sharing what I have learned about them is all about helping others look at them differently and get to know them on their own terms. They trully are beautiful and deep faeries, and well worth taking the time and effort to get to know. I am glad that the information was helpful to you. Your thoughts have also helped me further understand them.


I see more on thsi singer than the others, so here goes.
I see an eye-less mask in psychic purple, to cover one's whole face, blocking out the more common senses(common sense?), forcing one to use alternative senses. I see base and heart chakras.
It says to me "Go ahead, close your eyes, and open your arms and see who/what walks into them."