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I heard Husdsongray your where designing your own deck. I was wondering how that is going for you? Maybe you can tell us some of the problems you are having with your deck. That may help others with some of the problems they are having. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Good luck with the deck.

Major Tom

Gosh! Talk about putting someone on the spot! :eek:

Actually there's quite a few of us here working on our own decks - from people who have finished to folks who are just starting to those like me, somewhere between. :)

Personally, I'm finding it an incredible journey with a cadence and rhythm of its own.

Are you working on a deck Nighthawk?


Ahh, had glitch problems with the scanner and the PhotoImpact6 program, it started putting everything in some weird folder and then wouldn't let anyone access them, I've got to redo a bunch of scans and try getting them to copy to the right place--basically am at a standstill for a while till the program gets sorted out by Mr. Computer Guru...he handed me the PhotoImpact book last night & said 'read it'.'ll take a while.

So, I'm hoping things can be done to the point of getting everything to the printer by mid month sorta... maybe.... I don't know. I wanted them ready by August, but he says it's not feasable. I say there's 6 weeks yet, what's not feasable. I think he's just grumpy & needs some coffee.

Computers aren't my forte`.

Don't worry Major Tom, I know this person ;)


Yeah, I want to hear about Nighthawk's deck! It sounds like there's a good story there.

Hudson Grey - sorry to hear about the bump in the road. It can be a heartbreaker to come up to the wire, where you think it might get easier, only to find you've got unexpected chores. But it will all work out! You can't see us out here, but we're all pulling for you.

Tom -- we tune in from time to time to see the latest cards. Progress is happening, tho probably not fast enough to suit you. then there's that latest Tarot calendar...


Deck creation

I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having with the computer part. I have shown the art work to some folks out here and the laughs where great. They loved your deck so far. I am standing in line to order one of the first decks that come out.
In the future I may try to do a deck, but for now I just want to get them down to read at a event in august. But I do find it interesting to know some of the problems others have and how they solved the problems. To me all aspects of the tarot from creation to understanding how different people read then is one of the greatest learning tools there is. So I thank Husdsongray and all the other folks here that are so willing to share their knowledge in all aspects of tarot. Thank you