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World/9 of Cups

Same spread (maybe I should type it up) that I mentioned with the Mage/4 sword post, only this pairing came in position #9 Hopes/Fears (i see it more as a "challenges" position).

Of course, this pertained to a love question.

I thought about your ideas on this guy in the 9/cups being a hunter. I interpreted this "challenge" as 'culling out the posers/fakes/weak of spirit' to find *the one (world)*


2/Wands & 7/Chalices

I only noticed the similarity of these two ladies when I got them as a pair in Celtic Cross this morning. Maybe it is the same lady?

Their posture is the same and they both look sad and have closed their eyes. They wear pink and their hair is the same color with roses in it. There are papers on the floor and someone is behind them (stone statue/ the skeleton and the man). There are two "wands" on the upper left corner of both pictures (curtain/window pane). The skeleton and the autumnal leaves speak the same language of decay and passing of time.



I've been wondering why I see this powerful card combination in spreads together lately. Come to find out, I've been selected for Jury Duty!!

Seems perfectly apt description for these two cards. I felt like the woman in Justice, *stuck* in a situation by getting the summons, and being just a face in the crowd with Judgment.


7 of Wands & Judgment

I recently posted in the 7 of Wands that this card brought up Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" song, and though I was amused by this, I didn't think much of it.

Then I saw this card set next to Judgment - what is is that we see in the sky? Why - A RING OF FIRE!!

THEN, I was casually reading through my Facebook feed and found an interesting and startling post about coming cosmic events - including a cosmic RING OF FIRE solar eclipse that will happen May 20th followed by a transit of Venus across the Sun, which will resemble a small black dot on the surface of the Sun!!

I was agast! I was amazed!

Is this, in fact, a pair of cards that is forecasting a timing solar event!?!



Oooh, this is quite fascinating.. Judgement is my Year Card for 2012!
I know nothing at all about Astrology but I´m beginning to think it may be time to find out more..


Emperor & Tower

"Your house is going to be struck by lightening"

No joke. Happened last night.

While the experience itself was quite disturbing, I was actually sitting in front of my spread when this happened.

The inside cross of the CC was paired this way:

Position 1: Emperor/7 of pentacles
Position 2: Tower/King of Swords

I do double CC for meditation purposes and daily in depth readings. I had rolled up the blinds on my windows and was looking outside of my house (7 of pentacles and the girl looking in the window!!) when lightening struck a metal pole (King of Swords' sword!) on the outside of my house. All is well... no fires to report. The fire alarm went off and electrical appliances popped and fried, but I'm safe and sound and just slightly in debt today having to replace my modem/wireless router and power chord for the computer.....

Talk about being *very specific* with imagery....


3 of Swords & Page of Cups

I pulled some cards last night and received the Page of Cups and the 3 of Swords connected on the staff of the CC.

My first thought... "Aww... Man!"

I went throughout my evening at work thinking about this and nothing popped up. This afternoon when I woke up I had a package at my back door from a good friend of mine. She had bought me a set of 4 plastic cups that had blue fish stems and a pitcher with fish on it. 3 of the 4 stems were broken! AWWWWWW - MAN!!!

But, I still have the 1.. and I :love: it! and the image of the Page of cups with his cup offering with a fish inside - priceless!!!


Oh I´m sorry they were broken. I hope you can find replacement..
But such a lovely gift from a friend.
And Ludy told you all about it. What an amazing deck!

La Force

Ludy Lescot - The Zero's (0) Fool and World

while I was organizing my cards in groups from 1 - 10 these two card weren't in a group, then I took notice at the fool when placed beside the world card, an notice he was looking right at the couple in the sphere, then I look at the chicken, omgosh, it then dawned on me that the chicken lays eggs, and sphere looks to me as a developing fetus's (twins). would love to hear what you make of these two cards. I have placed them as Zero. which I found very interesting in the least.

these two card are Uranus in Saturn;
predictability, loneliness, change, chaos, respect, being alone, fitting in, autonomy, specialness, rightness, bureaucracy, labels, build/break, conservatism/risk, stable/unstable, authority/equality, conservative/liberal, ordinary/unique, slow/fast, old/new, security, stability/freedom (needs a long leash) activity/passivity, mass/individual authority, conventional/unconventional, tradition/progress, practical/logical, hierarchy/anarchy, stay/split, stuck/loose, make do/makeover, unorthodox, unpredictable, freedom from within a structure, makes order out of chaos, molds from scattered material, breaks, tests rules,

Uranus; freedom, revolution, rebellion, reform, idealists, initiation, change, fresh starts, new beginnings, sudden/unexpected changes, independence, originality, ideas, progress, innovation, invention, choices, lower legs, ankles, and circulatory system (Chicken poor thing has a rope tide around it ankle leg cutting off his circulation.)

Saturn; structure, boundaries, limitations, restrictions, perfect peace, scientific law and principles of reason, eternal life, transformed, wise choices, defining, skin and bones, human form,

ETA: I also noticed the red flower by the boys leg, seem interesting that the flower also appears on the World card as well. hmmm any thoughts on this connection.

Do share your thoughts please
La Force


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