card making foretells future!


This may sound strange, but as I'm making my tarot set (I started making the cards randomly as ideas came into my head), I found that the cards in te order that I have done them sort of follow the same order of specific events that happen after I make that certain card. It's as if I'm doing my own tarot reading with each card I make. It's sort of strange, amusing, fun, exciting, and strange. ha ha! I just realized I wrote strange twice!
Well, has anyone experienced anything similar, or am I crazy? (like I really need more people to confirm that I'm crazy!)

Lady Eclipse


I don't think you're crazy. This happened to me while working on my Soul Reflections Tarot, and, in a roundabout way, with my C.C. Deck. I thought it was a very interesting experience to see the events in my life, or those of the people in my life, be reflected back at me in the cards I was creating at the time. When will you have something for us to see? I look forward to seeing your cards. :)

Joy to you,


I love being in big forums like this one! It doesn't take long at all for people to respond back! This is so much fun!
I'm glad I wasn't the only person whom this has happened to. I knew I wasn't, but... I don't know, I wanted to still prove to myself that I wasn't.
Oh, and about my cards. You'll see them as soon as a get a scanner. Actually, a friend of mine has offered to scan them on, but who knows when she'll have enough time to do so! But it's good in a way, because it gives me more time to create even more cards! Yay for more cards!
I could give detailed descriptions of the cards, but I'm holding off on that for now. We'll wait to see what happens.


It may have happened with mine too, but I was working on several cards at the same time, for a series of months, so I'm not sure which would have applied. So much was happening in my life that I'm sure the cards covered what was going on, but with multiples in play, I didn't make the connection.

It hasn't happened with a revamping of an old deck (I don't have such a strong connection with the Marseille decks, they're based on history & such that I haven't read much about). But I'm in the process of a third deck and should be keeping an eye open on this one, I think. Just to see if it does happen to me.

Major Tom

I think what happens is part of the very reason for creating your own tarot deck?

Rather than just telling the future however, there is an element of control which may be exercised by the deck creator.

Nevada - thanks for the links. :) The things that go on that I miss around here... :laugh:


I do know it's not limited to tarot. A friend of mine was working on doing illustrations of scenes with runes in mind, the rune incorporated into the picture. She had to work on the rune that said 'me first' each time & found the same thing was happening--whatever the rune stood for was happening in her real life.

After 5 illustrations she just stopped, didn't want the stresses of the rest of the set/futhark doing this to her. A shame, really, she was going to turn them into a sort of rune deck after they were all completed. It's been 12 years and I don't think she ever went back to it to finish up. The various completed illustrations were used by magazines & pagan newsletters.


Yep this has happened to me a few times :) I think part of it for me is that while I am working on that specific card I am thinking about how this image relates to my life at that time and therefor "see it " in my everyday life a bit more than I would other times. I am not saying that there isn't something odd about it but just that I am looking for it more as well :) Hope I am saying it right .



Yea, I think I get what you're saying. It's sort of like when you learn a new word or something, and then someone else says the word, and you hear it on tv, and it's written in the paper. It's not that the word is suddenly appearing everywhere, it's that you just learned it, and you are aware of it, and the word is fresh in your mind.