Cards Made with Computer


im now working on my own deck of tarot, i've already finished two cards.
im making them on the computer, using PhotoShop5, and although i just started out, i can see what im going to run into once i finish.
when i would want to print out tha cards and start working with them, how will i do it? i can print only in paper, and i dont think that cutting carton squares and gluing the cards to them is a good idea...
anyone has a suggestion how can i outprint and use computer made cards? (their size is about 12cmx7cm, about the same as the Raider cards size).


You can get some stiffness with card stock, most printers will take the lower two grades (thicker paper gives the rollers problems). With the thicker paper at least you'll get them more solid feeling. Laminating them will add too much to get a full deck feeling comfortable in the hand, but using contact paper on one side (the back or the front) might be the added thickness you'd need & make them easier to shuffle.


this might be a little late to help (or maybe not...), but try contacting local printing/lithographic companies who can print your cards professionally on good grade paper. it might cost a bit more, but the results will probably be worth it.


not late at all :)
thank you for the replies, will try to find out the cost of such thing, although i doubt i can pay it right now...



hi, i have seen one of your cards - the tower i think? it is beautiful! you are very talented:)

just one little thing to think about - try to make the cards big. it is always better to resize them smaller later and almost impossible to get really good quality for printing if you save them too small, so make sure not to compromise on file-size.

i am tempted to try and make some cards myself. i doubt i would have the stamina to make 78, but just one or two would be good practise and a learning experience.


thank you jema :)
i didnt attach a link to my cards so far, so i will now - here.

i will take the size note to my attention... the problem is, that some of the images i use (its collage-like) are originally small, and resizing them to be bigger and then smaller again damages their quality.

you should definately try to create your own cards, it gives a new aspect and meaning to the card... its like a new way of connecting to the card. and who knows, maybe you'll like it and end up having a whole new deck... :)


Supletion, these cards are beautiful! Is that Angelina Jolie on the Devil card. She IS a temptress...

I am wondering, do you find the images for your cards on the net and/or do you scan pictures in from magazines, etc. ? (I would really like to design my own deck as well, but I have no idea where to begin... 8)


hello Molly
i find the images on the net, i dont have a scanner... i transform them and put them together with photoshop (v5.5ME, although v7 is already out).
a great resource for images (which i've found only recently) is also, i found this page quite useful, plus it has links to some inspiring personal made decks.
good luck creating your deck :)


Hey Supletion,
Very cool!!! I like your cards a lot. I use PhotoShop5 to make my cards to, although I draw the image first and colour it in PhotoShop. I like to combine 'real' things too, like photos I have taken etc. What would I do without PhotShop??? :D

Major Tom

Supletion - I like your cards a lot. :)

I use Photoshop and PaintShop Pro both and gosh where would I be without my digital camera and scanner!

I've had good luck printing my cards on 200 gram photo paper - this seems to be a heavy enough stock that you don't have to worry about laminating or contact paper. Just feed it through one sheet at a time and your printer should be able to cope....