cards missing


Hi everyone,
I have a very unusual deck, the Karma Music Tarot, that I have had since I was about 15. The bad thing is that several of the cards have gone missing over the years. Don't ask me how!
My question is: What should I do? I don't feel like it would be right to just throw them away, but they don't seem to have any use with the cards missing. What would you do with a deck that had sentimental value, but you couldn't read with it anymore? And the pictures are way too weird to use for anything else.
Thanks, DeLani
P.S.: We should have this deck on our site. It is really unique. But I don't know if it's even being published anymore.


Personally I would do one of two things with it:

1) I would lay the cards out on a table and then place a piece of heavy glass on top of the table to protect the cards and keep them from moving or;

2) I would decoupage a table with them ...

The nice thing about choice one is that the cards can be rearranged, etc.

Well that is what I would do anyways ...

Love & Light,


Good ideas, Jewel! Or, you could even put them in a big picture frame. If the pictures are so weird you don't want to see them all the time, you could hang it in a closet, somewhere you'd only see them a little bit. Maybe someday the missing ones will turn up......


I'd definitely keep the deck, but I would just keep it to look at. I'm not as creative wth decor as the other people here, so I wouldn't be putting an of my decks in a table! (Although its a lovely idea, I would probably mess itup!) I would be happy to keep the deck just to look at every now and then.



this deck must still be published, 'cuz i acquired it myself only last year at a national chain bookstore. isn't it a u.s. games publication? if so, that's good, 'cuz u.s. games is rather decent about replacing missing cards--just write or e-mail them.
however, if you feel that there are too many to replace, consider just ordering a new deck and keeping your old one for "replacement parts". i have back-ups for each of my favorite decks, for whenever a card gets too scratched up or bent--that sort of thing.



I love the Karma Music Tarot! I got mine off eBay, actually it was bundled with two other used decks and I got all 3 for a steal. I see it come up there quite often and the prices don't go too high, so I'd try getting a "spare" deck from an auction to replace the missing cards. Then you continue to have backups should any of the other cards go missing. Of course, be careful not to lose the same ones!