Carrying Through those Spiritual Plans of 2013


Not too long ago, there was a thread discussing what we were going to do about exploring our Spirituality for the new year. I thought that what we need now is a discussion on what we ARE doing to follow through on those plans.

For myself, I remember posting to that thread that I was going to stop being so isolated. That I would move outside myself and perhaps join a greater community.

Well, last week, I "signed the book" at the local Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. It is a rather Earth-based "congregation" with a budding Pagan group. I have join that group. And rather than hide meekly in the back, I am trying to be involved. I haven't volunteered for anything yet, but I will :)

I feel that this connection has really benefited me. I didn't just choose them out of a hat, I have been an infrequent visitor and skirting about the fringes for the last 10 years.

One of the things that helped propel me forward is that I finished the Bardic course of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). It took 3.5 years. But it was a remarkable experience. One of the final experiences included a meditation. During that, I felt an immense connection to the greater Grove. And then I was told (more or less) that I needed to stop hiding within myself and to move into the community at large.

Spirituality has always been a very private thing for me. Sharing in a community of like-minded people at a spiritual level is very new for me. Frightening at times, but I know that this is the direction which my path is taking.

I look forward to share in your experiences as we all move forward in our spiritual journey.


The Drum group has a life of it's own which is wonderful and I simply make sure that everyone gets the input they need. I started it up years ago but then it didn't take off. Last year there were several people who just asked about it and so, the needs of the community founded this group which is going from strength to strength and I merely host it. No advertising, no fees, just people getting together through word of mouth and association. This is a great area of growth for me and last meeting, while drumming a journey, I was given information about something which made no sense at the time but after a couple of weeks of research, has turned out to be true.

Making things, using the gifts already present and those that find their way to my door. This is also an area of growth now.

Still struggling with a daily practice due to so many distractions and work issues but it will pass.


I have booked my trip to glastonbury to visit the places revealed to me in a past life and hope this proves fruitful.

I have also booked reiki treatment to help with the imbalances in my lower chakras so hoping this will be beneficial.

I have brought faery cards and begun to explore with them.. I really enjoy learning to connect here they are fun and have done a bit of the channeling I was hoping to get back into..

so on track so far for my goals this year.. :)


I have become active with a CUUPS group and have participated in group activities. Very big step for me. I am finding I like this connectivity with others. However, I do find that I need to kick myself out the door to go do things. I have become so accustomed to not being part of a group!

I have passed my Bardic Review, but have stalled on moving forward as I feel that staying here for awhile would be beneficial. I want everything to "settle" as it were. It took my 3.5 years to get through this level. And now, it seems time to live what I have studied.

How are the rest of you doing? Krystal Kitty? Have you been to Glastonbury yet? Millie, is the daily practice coming along?


I am going to the London Interfaith Centre on Sunday this week for an afternoon lecture, followed by a q&a session and a silent meditation. Then I will be going to Glastonbury every month for silent meditation group meetings followed by discussion.

At the beginning of the year I had no idea I was headed this way; I could never find a group of any sort that I felt entirely comfortable with. Very unexpectedly, I found them and although I never willingly meet a stranger (and I mean never), I found myself agreeing to go to these sessions without even thinking about the fact that they are a long way away and I don't know anyone there, I have no money and no transport. And amazingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on your point of view) my son is very happy to take me, there turns out to be just enough in the moneybox to pay for the trip, and the meeting itself is free...


I meant to post in that original thread but for some reason or other didn't do it. But I remember thinking about the question and deciding that my goal for this year was to make a shamanic drum and learn to use it. I'd had a dream last year about playing one of Mi-Shell's drums. I'd played that very drum before in real life when I had met Mi-Shell in Canada, and I had loved it but not really done anything more about this way of drumming. But the dream brought the need to make and use a drum to the front of my mind, and I am learning to listen closely to my dreams.

So the first few months of the year were about saving up some money, buying the frame and the skin. Then a few weeks ago I went to visit Millie and she taught me how to make my own drum, which was absolutely brilliant!! I came home with not only a fantastic drum that I am delighted with, but also having made a wonderful new friend :) :)

Over the last month I have been gradually getting to know the drum and feeling my way through the rest of the process, because although the physical drum had been made, the spirit of the drum needed to be "born" (I can't think of a better way of describing it!). This was harder than the physical process of making the drum, because I had to trust my instincts about the work that needed to be done. But eventually I knew what I had to do, and I did it. And now I am very happy that I have my own drum, that I have made myself!

So that next thing for me to do is to learn how to work with the drum. It's strange though, because each time I pick up the drum I have the very strong feeling of having done this all before. Using the drum in this way to journey feels very natural. It is as if I already know what to do, and it is almost more a process of remembering how to do it, than of learning.

Anyway, this is what I am continuing to focus on; working with my new drum. I am yet to discover exactly why I needed to make a drum, or what I am going to be doing with it. The dream was just so powerful, that I had to act on it.