Casting Call for Unpublished Deck to be used in movie


I'm cross posting this here--it was on the Yahoo Comparative Tarot list today & might be of interest to deck creators here as well. It's NOT a casting call for readers, they're looking for an unpublished deck to use in the making of the movie.

Since they'd asked him to post to tarot groups, I thought it would be ok to post it here as well.

Subject: OT: Featuring an Unpublished Deck in a Horror Movie?


The ATA was contacted earlier this week by the crew at Mystical Media, an independent film company producing horror movies, among other features. In an upcoming feature, they have a scene featuring a Tarot reader and Tarot cards. They hope to feature an unpublished deck in the film, preferring this approach to using a mass-published (and copyrighted) deck from U.S. Games or Llewellyn.

Without endorsing or recommending the group, I promised to pass along their website and an email address where you may contact them if you would be interested in allowing them to feature your deck in their film.

The web site:
The contact:

I encourage you to visit the web site and become familiar with their features before making a decision. If it turns out that you would be comfortable having your work featured in one of their films, I'm sure they would appreciate hearing from you.

That's all the information I have!

Red Emma

Casting call

This explains the strange/unusual tarot deck used by the heroine in "The Gift." It was an exceedingly good movie, and presented tarot, pre-cognition and other occult "gifts" in ways to give them validity and respiect.

Whenever I see a film, or TV program, which ridicules the occult or presents it as evil, I think, "Oh Great! Now it's going to take us just that much longer to present the reality of our gifts to the world...and show them in a real and compassionate manner."


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