Caught by the faeries...


After reading so much about the Faeries Oracle I got really interested and decided I had to have it, so I put it very high on my wishlist. I also told my best friend about it, and she got caught by the faeries as well: even though she doesn't really use tarot or oracles, she just had to have it.

Today I visited my friend and it turned out she had ordered it for me (and for herself!) as a belated birthday present! So I'll probably be joining you soon here!!

My friend also got me the Tarot of the Old Path, so I've been spoiled rotten today!! ;)


Tarotlady I certainly can understand where your friend is coming from .... I am not a tarot person I used to only feel a conection with runes ..

However this deck Grabed me then was gifted to me by a good friend so i had little choice of working with them :) .... Mind y ou it was her Personal deck that moved into my house....

I am Soooooo glad they did decide to live with me tho :)


Now remember tarotlady, read the book first before looking up meanings for the different faeries!!!
There are exercises at first that help you connect with them!!! It's alot of fun and very informative.
So.......DON'T LOOK UP THE MEANINGS FIRST!! The faeries have spoken!!!!!!!!!!


~giggles~ Faunabay remember when I told you that and you thought I was insane? ~chuckles~ you have no idea how much pleasure I get from watching you tell poeple to 'NOT LOOK UP THE MEANINGS' *LOL* ... I believe the faeries have us well trained ;)

But it is true ... doing the exercises at the front of the book without looking them up trully helps build a solid connection between you and your faeries. Heed the faeries advice and do not peak at the menanings!

Hey Tarotlady, think your friend would like to be my friend too? ~giggles~ What a fabulous friend! Happy belated b-day.


Well, I wouldn't dare going against the faeries... ;)
So exercises first it is!!

Amazon shipped it today, so I expect to get it by Friday. Can't wait...


tarotlady i am sooo anxiously awaiting the arrival of my own Faeiries, I can't even tell you!

I will do all exercises, i promise!!!


I just received my faeries!! :) :) :)

Annoying thing is: I'm at work, where I had the package delivered. I opened the package, got the book out, but I can't get the cards out right now, too many people walking in and out all the time... And I can't go home for another 1.5 hours...
So here I am, with the faeries on my desk and I can't play with them, that's cruel!!! LOL


LOL - Tarotlady, that IS real torture!! I know the feeling and feel for you!

Funny enough the Faeries played the same trick on me when I got them. Be reassured - as cruel as it was, the anxious waiting was well worth it!! Take is as your first Faerie test...

~~~~sending some patient vibes on your way~~~~



~giggles~ Well Tarotlady ... perhaps you should go powder your nose in the lady's room *ROFLMAO*. Hope you got home OK with your Faeries. I cannot wait to hear what you think!


Jewel said:
perhaps you should go powder your nose in the lady's room
...and powder de cards at the same time??? (yes, I've done that before... ;) ).

Getting the book out was no use either, whenever I picked it up, the phone rang. When I was about to answer the phone with: "Leave me alone, I'm trying to get to know my faeries!!", I decided to put the book away and save it till I got home.

So now I'm all ready to explore the faeries!! :D

(of course, while I was typing this, the doorbell rang, postponing my "big moment" again... ;) )