Celtic Dragon - 15 Chains

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are a man and a woman with their backs together and their hands behind their backs. There is a large dragon holding a chin to one side of the people. There is a bright white light coming from the top right corner of the card and bathing the people in light.

Significant Details: The chain is signifying bondage. The dragon signifies chaos. The green and yellow signify life and positive energy, the blue signifies spiritual energy.

My Interpretation: You may feel bound by a situation, but it is a situation of your own making, you are not seeing past the illusions you have created. In order to get past an obstacle you need to look inward and realize the illusions for what they are. You are wasting your energies in unnecessary indulgences. Your relationship is unproductive, as it is based on the wrong reasons. There may be untrustworthy people close to you.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Why do these people not open their eyes and see that they are no longer bound. Why don't they "feel" the light shining upon them?


I had some dark experiences. From experience, when you are in a very low mood, you don't always see all your options. The light may shone on them but their eyes are close, they don't see it. They dwell in negativity and stay there, in a known terrain. They may be afraid to move into the unknown.

Soaring Eagle

This card also made me reflect on some of my darker moments. It is so hard to see that there is help right in front of you. It felt to me as if I was blinded by my situation, and when I realized that help was there, it was such a relief. I truly know how these people feel.